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Apply to be a Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Fellow in Energy and the Environment

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University invites applications for the Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Fellows Program, with start dates as early as February 2018.

This visiting fellows program is designed to attract distinguished visitors, who will collaborate with Andlinger Center faculty, researchers, and students and enrich the research and teaching at the Andlinger Center.

Practitioners from industry, government, and not-for-profit sectors will bring different perspectives and urgency to the energy and environmental challenges we tackle at the center. As such, applications from prospective visitors from a variety of backgrounds, including from academia, industry, government, and non-governmental organizations, are encouraged.

Visitors will need to partner with a Princeton sponsor and develop a plan for their visit. Below, you will find information regarding the visiting fellowships with a link to the application site.

Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Fellows in Energy and the Environment