Andlinger Innovation Fund Call for Proposals – INACTIVE


The Andlinger Innovation Fund is made possible by the generosity and vision of Gerhard R. Andlinger ’52 and enables faculty members to pursue research in new areas; encourages collaboration among Princeton scientists, engineers, and industry; and allows for the purchase of equipment. The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (ACEE) Fall 2012 call for proposals can provide up to $100,000 per proposal for year-long projects that must begin by June 30, 2013. Funds are available to support up to five projects in this call for proposals.

This request for proposals is open to faculty across the University as a vehicle to promote the ACEE’s interdisciplinary mission, to encourage faculty to explore new research areas related to energy and the environment as it relates to energy that are not easily funded by traditional mechanisms, and to enhance the Princeton graduate student and/or postdoctoral fellow experience. Proposals will be reviewed on the bases of the potential impact on technical solutions to ensure our sustainable energy and environmental future, the involvement of at least two faculty members from different departments (at least one must be a science or engineering faculty member), and the enrichment of graduate student and/or postdoctoral fellow experience at Princeton. Examples of research areas of interest can be found at Examples of experiential enrichment for junior scholars could include new graduate course creation or major revisions to existing graduate courses related to ACEE’s mission, outreach to external communities, creation of on-campus symposia or seminars related to the ACEE’s mission, and opportunities that include the participation of first or second year graduate students. 

Proposals should be submitted by a primary faculty applicant and identify at least one other faculty member (from a different department) as collaborating faculty.  One faculty member must be from the sciences or engineering. Expenditures can include up to four weeks of faculty salaries (four weeks for one person, two weeks for two people, or some other combination), stipends, program-related travel, funds to implement events (e.g., outreach, courses, or symposia), publication costs, and laboratory equipment and supplies associated with the project.  No overhead costs should be included. A faculty committee with suitably broad cross-disciplinary representation will be appointed to evaluate the proposals and make funding recommendations. 

Please submit electronically the following items (attention: Professor Emily Carter) by November 20, 2012, to

  • a completed proposal with cover page;
  • a narrative of no more than three pages (single spaced, 12 point font, not including references)  that describes a plan for research that illustrates the potential impact on technical solutions to ensure our sustainable energy and environmental future, the interdisciplinary nature of the project, and the opportunity for graduate student and/or postdoctoral fellow experiential enhancement;
  • a separate budget page with justification; and
  • the titles and duration of currently funded research grants and those pending, with a brief explanation as to whether the current submission represents a new direction from other funded work underway by the faculty member.

Recipients of Andlinger Innovation funds will be required to do the following:

  • submit a three to four page narrative report to the ACEE by the project end date, describing accomplishments in research and education made possible by the grant and a list of resulting publications and talks;
  • submit a detailed account for the use of funds received including names of personnel supported, equipment purchased, etc.; and
  • provide acknowledgment to the supporting donor in any subsequent publication or program publicity that may result from the project; and
  • notify the ACEE once per year of additional accomplishments in research and education made possible by the grant.

Incomplete funding applications will not be considered. Notification of awards will be made in early January 2013.