Jose Avalos featured in International Innovation

Jose Avalos, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, is featured in “Pioneering engineering” in the journal International Innovation. Avalos discusses his research in subcellular engineering methods.

Why It’s Taking The U.S. So Long To Make Fusion Energy Work

Hidden in the woods two miles from Princeton University’s main campus sits a drab white building easily mistakable for a warehouse. Inside is one of the Ivy League school’s most expensive experiments: a 22-foot-tall metal spheroid surrounded by Crayola-colored magnets. About half a dozen blue beams ring the sphere horizontally, while another set, painted red, […]

Resilient Shores: After Sandy, Climate Scientists and Architects Explore How to Co-exist with Rising Tides

After the wind, rain and waves of Hurricane Sandy subsided, many of the modest homes in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City, New Jersey, were filled to their windows with murky water. Residents returned to find roads inundated by the storm surge. Some maneuvered through the streets by boat. 

FACULTY AWARD: Three Princeton Researchers Awarded 345 million Supercomputer Hours

Three Princeton University researchers have been granted a total of 345 million hours of processing time on two powerful supercomputers as part of the 2015 Innovative and Novel Computational Impact of Theory and Experiment (INCITE) awards from the U.S. Department of Energy. Emily Carter, the Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment and […]

FACULTY HONOR: Aksay, Carter named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Two Princeton University faculty members have been named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors, which honors academic inventors whose inventions have made a tangible impact on society. Among the 2015 Fellows are Ilhan Aksay, professor of chemical and biological engineering, and Emily Carter, the Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment and […]

Southern Company Joins Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership

Southern Company, a leading energy company serving more than 4.4 million customers in the Southeastern United States, has joined Princeton University’s Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership (E-ffiliates) in a collaboration to pursue advances in areas of energy and the environment. “I am extremely pleased to welcome Southern Company as our newest member of Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership,” said […]

Abandoned wells can be ‘super-emitters’ of greenhouse gas

Princeton University researchers have uncovered a previously unknown, and possibly substantial, source of the greenhouse gas methane to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership Funds Sustainable Energy Research

Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership has awarded funding for two collaborative faculty-industry research projects. This year’s grants, awarded after a review of proposals submitted by faculty in collaborations with industrial resarchers, totaled $298,116. The funded collaborative teams will investigate topics related to energy and the environment, including large underwater turbines that capture the kinetic energy of ebbing […]

Faculty Spotlight: Fabian Wagner

Fabian Wagner is the 2014-15 Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Professor in Energy and the Environment. He comes to Princeton from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, the world’s leading research institution for solution-oriented science for public policy. In his position as a senior research scholar in the Mitigation of Air Pollution & Greenhouse Gases […]

Industry, academic collaborators push for energy solutions

Investigating long-term solutions to the world’s energy needs and investing in sustainable technologies are crucial as the climate crisis comes into focus, a set of experts cautioned at Princeton University on Nov. 14.