Nominations being accepted for Maeder Graduate Fellowship in Energy and the Environment

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (ACEE) is soliciting nominations for the Maeder Graduate Fellowship in Energy and the Environment for the academic year 2016-2017. This graduate fellowship is made possible by the Paul A. Maeder ’75 Fund for Innovation in Energy and the Environment. The deadline for nominations is March 31. Notice of […]

How do gases move through the roots of wetland plants? Paper co-authored by Peter Jaffe

Despite the old saying “dead as dirt,” Earth’s soil is an incredibly rich and dynamic environment. Invertebrates, microbes, and plants all interact beneath the surface in a complex dance that determines the health of ecosystems and plays a part in larger biogeochemical cycles. Plants, in particular, play a major role in mediating mass transfers among […]

Exhibit opens on urban coastal infrastructure to buffer the effects of climate change

February 3 – April 2, 2016 The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 has highlighted the vulnerability of urban coastal areas to the effects of catastrophic storms and climate change. Coastal communities must adapt planning strategies to mitigate the risk posed by these natural hazards. Structures of Coastal Resilience (SCR) matches the latest […]

Faculty spotlight: Mitchell J. Small

Faculty spotlight: Mitchell J. Small Mitchell J. Small is jointly appointed as the Anderson Family Visiting Professor in Energy and the Environment at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment in Princeton University and Visiting Senior Research Scholar in civil and environmental engineering. Small is visiting from Carnegie Mellon University, where he is the H. John Heinz […]

Emily Carter in the Houston Chronicle: In era of cheap oil, our choices are clear: consume more or spark change

The following op-ed was originally published in the Houston Chronicle on Jan. 19, 2016. A PDF of the op-ed can be read at this link here. Emily Carter: In era of cheap oil, our choices are clear: consume more or spark change It was as if I was asleep. For much of my career as […]

Water may be key to countering summer heat in buildings

As the world’s climate heats up, buildings in tomorrow’s cities will need innovative solutions to keep cool. Channeling streams of water on a building’s skin or spraying a water mist around a structure could be unique ways to solve this issue with minimal use of energy. A team of Princeton researchers spanning two engineering departments […]

New Andlinger building ‘defined by gardens’

Meandering paths, sunken courtyards and gardens weave through the sculptural complex of gray brick and glass that has risen at the eastern edge of Princeton University. After three years of construction, the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment has opened its doors, ushering in a new phase for the center’s goal of developing solutions to ensure […]

Andlinger Center feature: Building our energy and environmental future

By Emily Carter “If you’re going to build a center for energy and the environment, then the architecture should be about nature and the landscape.” That was the core idea that architects Tod Williams A.B. ’65, MFA ’67 and Billie Tsien presented as they started work on the spectacular building that is now home to the Andlinger […]