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Robert Cava

Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry

Location: A88 Frick Chemistry Laboratory
Phone Number: 609-258-0016
Email Address:

Research Description:

Synthesis and discovery of new superconducting and thermoelectric materials

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Thomas Kreutz

Energy Systems Modeler, Energy Systems Analysis Group

Location: 014 Andlinger Center
Phone Number: 609-258-5691
Email Address:

Research Description:

Modeling the performance and economics of environmentally friendly, advanced energy conversion systems that have the potential for high efficiency and low emissions of criteria pollutants and/or greenhouse gases, novel technologies and methods for producing low-cost and low net carbon energy carriers, such as synthetic liquid fuels, electricity, and/or hydrogen – with CO2 capture for sequestration from the atmosphere – from biomass and fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.  Modeling the prospective deep decarbonization of the U.S. power grid.

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Nai Phuan Ong

Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics

Director, Emeritus, Princeton Center for Complex Materials

Location: 302 Jadwin Hall
Phone Number: 609-258-4347
Email Address:

Research Description:

Thermoelectrics, fundamental studies of superconductivity, novel superconducting and magnetic materials, topological insulators, Dirac-Weyl metals

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