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Elie Bou-Zeid

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Location: E414 Engineering Quad E-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-5429
Email Address:

Research Description:

Measurements and simulations of heat and water exchanges between buildings and the atmosphere; urban microclimatology and hydrology; boundary layer meteorology; environmental fluid mechanics and turbulence; wind energy forecasting, wind farm design

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Minjie Chen

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Location: 217 Andlinger
Phone Number: 609-258-7656
Email Address:

Research Description:

Design of power conversion and management systems to address technical challenges with large social impacts. High performance power conversion systems for a wide range of applications, including smart grid, renewable generation, energy storage, telecom, data centers, electric vehicles, and robotics.

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Luc Deike

Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Princeton Environmental Institute

Location: D428 Engineering Quad
Phone Number: 609-258-7920
Email Address:

Research Description:

Numerical and experimental studies of turbulent multi-phase flows in environmental systems, air-sea interaction, waves and breaking waves, drops and bubbles

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Marcus Hultmark

Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Location: D222 Engineering Quad D-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-5689
Email Address:

Research Description:

Wind turbine aerodynamics, turbulent drag reduction and turbulent heat transfer

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Thomas Kreutz

Energy Systems Modeler, Energy Systems Analysis Group

Location: 014 Andlinger Center
Phone Number: 609-258-5691
Email Address:

Research Description:

Modeling the performance and economics of environmentally friendly, advanced energy conversion systems that have the potential for high efficiency and low emissions of criteria pollutants and/or greenhouse gases, novel technologies and methods for producing low-cost and low net carbon energy carriers, such as synthetic liquid fuels, electricity, and/or hydrogen – with CO2 capture for sequestration from the atmosphere – from biomass and fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.  Modeling the prospective deep decarbonization of the U.S. power grid.

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Ning Lin

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Location: E328 Engineering Quad
Phone Number: 609-258-0266
Email Address:

Research Description:

Natural hazards and risk assessment, stochastic modeling, wind engineering, coastal engineering, climate change impact and adaptation, and built environment and sustainability; the study of tropical cyclones and associated weather extremes (e.g., strong winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surge), how they change with climate, and how their impact on the natural and built environment can be mitigated

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Luigi Martinelli

Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Location: D302C Engineering Quad D-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-6652
Email Address:

Research Description:

Sustainable aviation through advanced multidisciplinary design optimization of airframes and air traffic management systems; design optimization of ship hulls for maximum efficiency; aerodynamic design optimization of wind turbines, propellers, fans, compressors and turbines; computational fluid dynamics of compressible reactive flows

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Warren Powell

Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Director, Program in Engineering and Management Systems

Location: 230 Sherrerd Hall
Phone Number: 609-258-5373
Email Address:

Research Description:

High-dimensional stochastic optimization for: Storage of energy from wind and solar; stochastic, multiscale energy policy models for energy investment decisions; control of smart grids; management of plug-in electric vehicles; control of heterogeneous storage devices; R&D portfolio optimization; heavy-tailed models of electricity prices; and finding optimal demand response strategies in the presence of time-varying prices

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Alexander Smits

Eugene Higgins Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Location: D218 Engineering Quad D-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-5117
Email Address:

Research Description:

Design and testing of vertical axis wind turbines; energy harvesting, laboratory simulations of atmospheric boundary layers; wildfire modeling

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