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Training the next generation of leaders in energy and environmental issues is a key goal of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.

Students can enroll in Andlinger Center courses (course code ENE) on topics including sustainable design, biofuels, solar energy, geoengineering, and more. Students also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to practice in laboratory courses through the design of sustainable building system components, such as temperature sensors, and the fabrication and testing of batteries.

The Center is home to two certificate programs. The Program in Sustainable Energy is geared toward undergraduates interested in technical careers or graduate education in sustainable energy science and technology. The Program in Technology and Society – Energy Track, co-sponsored with Princeton University’s Keller Center, is a cross-disciplinary program comprised of a series of courses that explore the intersection of technology and society, and how their co-evolution affects the implementation of innovations in energy technologies.  In order to successfully engage practical and effective energy solutions, an appreciation for different points of view on these issues is critical.  Students in all disciplines—humanities, social sciences, physical and natural sciences, and engineering—who are interested in understanding and working on energy solutions can benefit from gaining such perspectives outside their major disciplines.

For the campus community and beyond, the center hosts the Highlight Seminar Series. Experts in energy and environmental issues from around the world are invited to speak at this series, which is held once a month throughout the academic year. The Highlight Seminar Series is broadly advertised and open to the public.

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