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Undergraduate Certificate Programs in Energy and the Environment

The Andlinger Center congratulates our Class of 2021 Program in Technology & Society: Energy Track and Program in Sustainable Energy recipients. Your strong commitment to understanding and solving the world’s energy and environmental problems and your persistence in overcoming unprecedented challenges to complete your research are very impressive. We’re proud of you and wish you all the best.

Congratulations to the graduating certificate students

Tobi Ayeni

“Design Changes to Archimedes Screw Turbines to Improve Energy Generation”

Peyton Brown

“Wrangling Renewable Energy Development in the Wild Windy West: A Case Study of Texas”

Nicholas Cefalu

“Plugging into Lithium: A Case for Where, How and Why the United States Should Develop Domestic Sources of Lithium to Diversify a Vulnerable Supply Chain”

Gabrielle D’Arcangelo

“Prospective Materials and Processes for Plant-Derived Muscle Tissue”

Melea Emunah

“Understanding the Mechanisms of PFBS Adsorption onto Smectite Clay Nanoparticles and a Soil Organic Matter Proxy using Molecular Dynamics Simulations”

Alex Kaplan

“A 3.4 µm Quantum Cascade Laser for Photocatalytic Decomposition of Methane”

Alice Madar

“Drowned Voices: Understanding the Actions and Ideology of Narmada Bachao Andolan”

Rebecca Mays

“Optogenetic Control of Microbial Consortia for the Optimization of Chemical Production”

Natalia Miller

“Biomass-derived Aldol Condensation on Potassium-Exchanged Hierarchical Zeolites for Sustainable Jet Fuel Production”

Marcus Norkaitis

“Green Hand Sanitizer Formulation for Sustainable Development”

Jae Won Oh

“Phenotypic Characterization of Non-Conventional Yeast Strains for Biofuel Production”

Melanie Porras

“Square and Hexagonal Hypar Floating Platforms for Amphibious Houses”

Sterling Spiegl

“Assessment of Past and Present Cap and Trade Systems for the Design of Title XII of the United States Clean Air Act: Carbon Dioxide Control”

Rei Zhang

“Linking Changes in NO2 Pollution and Mobility during the COVID-19 Lockdowns in the U.S.”