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2021 / 2022 Highlight Seminar Series

Highlight Seminar Line-up

Through the Highlight Seminar Series, the Andlinger Center hosts distinguished professors, researchers, government dignitaries, and practitioners from various institutions across the field of energy and the environment for a lecture series open to the public.

Here is the line-up for the 2021-2022 academic year:

May 12 - Storage to Enable a 100% Renewable Electric Grid

Yet-Ming Chiang

Kyocera Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

April 14 - Sustainable and Renewable Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles for Fuel and Crop Production

Daniel Nocera

Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy, Harvard University

March 31 - Perspectives on Separating Possible vs. Practical Sustainable Solutions for Energy and Materials

William Banholzer

Research Professor, Honorary Fellow Chemistry Department, Sr. Advisor Wisconsin Energy Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison

December 9 - How Might Controlled Fusion Fit into the Emerging Low-Carbon Electricity Markets of the Mid-21st Century?

George Tynan

Associate Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering; Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Faculty, Center for Energy Research, UC San Diego

November 18 - Towards Ecosystem-of-Systems Research and Development in Architectural Sciences

Anna Dyson

Hines Professor of Sustainable Architectural Design and Professor at the School of the Environment, Yale University

November 11 - The Future of Electric Cars: How Do We Charge Them Up? Do They Really Bring Benefit?

Philip Krein

Grainger Endowed Chair Emeritus in Electric Machinery and Electromechanics Research Professor Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign