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Other notable videos

Revolutionizing lithium production: An evaporation pond on a string

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Inside a Princeton professor’s ultra green home

Princeton University

Quinn Burlingame, Beckman Scholar, talks about his perovskite research

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

2022 Pyne Prize Winners Claire Wayner and Christian Potter deliver remarks at Princeton Alumni Day

Princeton University

Energy and Economics: Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Princeton University

Can Fossil Fuels Companies Change?

The Problem with Jon Stewart

Solar-powered smart window inserts

Office of Sustainability

Campus geo-exchange leads us to net-zero emissions

Office of Sustainability

Discussing the Impacts of 24/7 Carbon-free Electricity Procurement


Why the U.S. isn’t ready for clean energy


Xiaoming Zhao – 2021 Blavatnik regional award finalist

Blavatnik Awards

2021 Paul L. Busch Award goes to Z. Jason Ren of Princeton University

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Can America Reach Net-Zero Emissions?

VERGE Net Zero

Video Episode 3.1: Net-Zero by 2050

Cimate Now

Forward Thinker Jesse Jenkins on turning back the clock on climate change

Princeton University

Lynn Loo on How Partnerships Are Key to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Human Capital Leadership Institute

Carbon Pricing in the Real World

Seminar and panel co-hosted by the Niskanen Center featuring authors Danny Cullenward and David Victor.

Princeton: A Half-Century at the Environmental Forefront

Princeton University

Princeton University

Lessons learned from the Texas blackouts: Research needs for a secure and resilient grid

House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

Texas’s power disaster is a warning sign for the U.S.

America’s power grid is not ready. (Vox)

Webinar: Net-Zero America with Eric Larson and Jesse Jenkins

Clean Energy States Alliance – In this webinar, the report’s co-principal investigators described the report’s methodology and highlighted findings of special interest to state policymakers.

How to Build a Net-Zero America

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy (UPenn Seminar)

How to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2020

Princeton University Researcher Chris Greig discusses how to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2020. (Yahoo! Finance)

A method to spy on bacterial behavior in complex environments

A new approach makes it possible to track how bacteria move through complex and uneven environments akin to the tissues of the body or the sediments of underground aquifers.

2020 Annual Meeting videos

Keynote address by Liz Sherwood-Randall; a conversation with energy CEOs, and a deep dive into cybersecurity

Social Equity in Infrastructure Transitions to Achieve Net Zero Emissions with Erin Mayfield

Erin Mayfield, a postdoctoral scholar at Princeton University, discusses her recent research as part of the New Energy: Conversations with Early-Career Energy Researchers series.

Clean Electricity: The Linchpin for a Net-Zero Economy with Jesse Jenkins

Jesse Jenkins of Princeton University presents recent research on clean electricity as part of the New Energy series.

Reunions: Climate change and the coronavirus

Elke Weber, Jesse Jenkins, Bob Keohane, and Rob Socolow chimed in on the parallels between the climate change and coronavirus crises as part of the virtual Princeton University Reunions.

Solar City: Dawn of Solar in the Sunshine State (Part 2) | NBC Nightly Films

The eight years it took to get the Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center built helped usher in a new state-wide effort by Florida Power and Light to vastly expand solar plants throughout the state.

Jesse Jenkins, “Getting to Zero: Can America Transition to a Net Zero Emissions Energy System?”

Jesse Jenkins gives his presentation at the David Bradford Seminar Series on February 10, 2020.

Lynn Loo on Alan Harber show

Loo and Harber discussed the global energy transition, and innovations, such as self-powered smart windows, less polluting cements, and new behavioral science findings.

2019 Annual Meeting playlist

The meeting explored ways to leverage technological advances, data science, and policy to accelerate resource recovery and carbon dioxide utilization with the goal of working towards economy-wide decarbonization.

Lynn Loo: She Roars Podcast

Loo describes the Andlinger Center’s mission to mobilize engineers such as herself and academics across the University to form partnerships with each other, with all levels of government, and with the private sector to decarbonize the economy — now.

Accelerating Climate Action in the United States: What Are We Doing and What More Can Be Done?

Videos and slide presentations from the conference

Special Guest Seminar: Marcelo Mena, Minister of Environment, Chile

Minister of the Environment for the Government of Chile, Marcelo Mena, gives a special guest seminar on “Chile’s Energy and Environment” at the Andlinger Center.

Meetings of Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership

Archives of videos from Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership (E-ffiliates) meetings.

Plastic Electronics

Loo describes some of the potentially life-changing uses for these malleable materials.

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