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Undergraduate Certificate Programs in Energy and the Environment

Minor Program and Certificate Programs

Minor Program in Sustainable Energy

The Minor Program in Sustainable Energy (the Minor) offers an integrated set of core and elective courses, introducing students to fundamental concepts in energy technologies and technological change, providing depth in specific fields of interest from specific energy systems to policy approaches that further sustainable energy use, exposure to laboratory practices and experiences, and setting the stage for further work in the field.

Program in Sustainable Energy

This program focuses on studies of current energy resources, the development of energy systems that support sustainable economic growth and environmental harmony, and an understanding of global climate and environmental change. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies or careers in fields related to energy, as well as students who desire a more technical grasp of the world’s energy landscape, will be exposed to a broad spectrum of energy technologies.

Program in Technology and Society – Energy Track

Almost every aspect of society today is influenced by evolving technology and, similarly, technology is shaped by the needs and desires of individuals and the societies in which they live. This program focuses on the ways in which society and technology co-evolve. This cross-disciplinary certificate program is targeted to students who are interested in exploring this intersection in depth and how it affects the development and implementation of innovations in energy technology.

An important goal of the Andlinger Center is to provide Princeton undergraduates with the opportunity to explore issues related to energy and the environment in a multi-dimensional fashion. These dimensions include building and deploying energy systems, quantitatively analyzing the impact of these systems on economic growth and society, and evaluating their impact on climate change and the environment. The center aims to train the next generation of leaders who will help forge a sustainable future through their work in science, engineering, architecture, economics, public policy, and environmental areas related to energy systems. 

To successfully engage practical and effective energy solutions, an appreciation for different points of view on these issues is critical. Our minor program and certificate programs welcome students in all disciplines—humanities, social sciences, physical and natural sciences, and engineering—who are interested in understanding and working on energy solutions.