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research in energy and the environment

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment is a nexus at Princeton University for research that spans the technology-policy spectrum and aims to address today’s global energy and environmental challenges to ensure a sustainable future. Through a variety of programs, including grants and fellowships, the center supports collaborative, interdisciplinary research and sustains a community of scholars focused on developing technologies and solutions that will pave the way for a world less reliant on fossil fuels.

Research programs and opportunities

Andlinger Center Funding Opportunities

The Center administers two funds: The Grant for Innovative Research in Energy and the Environment and the Fund for Energy Research with Corporate Partners.

Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Fellows Program

Practitioners from industry, government, and not-for-profit sectors will bring different perspectives and urgency to the energy and environmental challenges that are central to the center’s mission.

Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellows Program

Fellows collaborate with Princeton faculty and/or senior researchers within an energy or environment-related field to articulate an interdisciplinary research plan that is aligned with the mission of the Center.

2024 NJ Wind Fellowship

The New Jersey Wind Institute Fellowship Program helps graduates and undergrads from all disciplines advance knowledge and expertise around offshore wind energy in the state.

2023 Annual Report: Toward a New Energy Horizon

Take time to explore this multimedia-enhanced book, which allows you to hover over photos, articles, headlines, and images to access full stories, websites, and videos.

research areas

Research at the Andlinger Center is advancing fundamental and applied sciences in several critical areas related to energy systems, infrastructure, and practices that can help mitigate human impacts on climate and the environment. These include developing renewable energy and energy storage technologies, optimizing energy systems transitions and process systems efficiencies, investigating novel approaches for sustainable manufacturing in various sectors, applying behavioral and decision sciences for environmental policy and technology adoption, solving critical problems at the water-energy nexus and developing resilient infrastructure in the face of a changing climate.

A constellation of six interacting research areas forms the heart of the center’s focus: Built Environment, Transportation, and Infrastructure; Electricity Production, Transmission, and Storage; Fuels and Chemicals; Environmental Sensing and Remediation; Decision and Behavioral Science, Policy, and Economics; and Environmental and Climate Science.

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growth by the numbers

From research projects to external grants awarded to graduate students and postdocs supported, below is a snapshot of cumulative growth at the Andlinger Center.

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Through programs, grants, and fellowships, the Center supports collaborative, interdisciplinary research and bolsters a community of scholars focused on developing technologies and solutions to ensure a sustainable future.


The Andlinger Center has a suite of educational initiatives encouraging innovation and collaboration. It prepares and trains the next generation of leaders to tackle our energy and environmental challenges.

Annual Meeting

The Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership brings together corporate members and industry leaders with Princeton’s research community. Our success as a convener, moderator, and organizer is one of the Center’s key differentiators and value generators.

About the Center

Learn more about the Andlinger Center building, the green space, specialized engineering laboratories, offices, support spaces, and lecture hall that make up our state-of-the-art facility.