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Funding Opportunities

Call for Proposals

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment offers competitive awards through calls for proposals to encourage research that will develop solutions for our energy and environmental future. The Center administers two funds for this purpose: The Grant for Innovative Research in Energy and the Environment and the Fund for Energy Research with Corporate Partners.



These awards support the development of interdisciplinary projects with potential to develop into compelling research center grant proposals. Successful projects will have a strong focus on technology- and/or policy-based solutions to problems across the Center’s research areas.

These awards support research collaborations with corporate partners to develop practical energy and environmental solutions across the Center’s research areas. Funding is available for seed grants to support new innovative research, as well as research grants to support continued industry collaboration. 

For information on funding opportunities for fundamental energy research, visit the Office of the Dean for Research’s website to explore the Exploratory Energy Research Fund.

Research funding for students and internships can be found in the education section of the website.