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Summer Seminar Series

New Light: Rising Stars in Energy and the Environment

This summer seminar series features the Andlinger Center’s Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellows and early career researchers. Lectures have ranged from harvesting natural energy for water vaporization as a means to sustainable desalination to designing net-zero emissions energy systems to address environmental and societal objectives.

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There will be three sessions featuring two researchers each: June 24, July 10, and July 16th. Registration is now open.

Previous summer seminars

New Light 2023

Featuring Aniruddh Mohan, Lara Tomholt, Jaewan Jang, Yaguang Zhu, Aditya Aiyer, and Nate Adelgren

New Light 2022

Featuring Fernando Temprano-Coleto, Holly Caggiano, Julie Euvrard, and Allyson McGaughey

New Light 2021

Featuring Azarakhsh Jalalvand, Lianfeng Zhao, Erin Mayfield, Yenan Chen, Sunxiang Zheng, Sara Constantino, and Melissa Ball

Distinguished Postdocs 2020

Featuring Kian Wee Chen, Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, Luis Ceferino, Rebecca Ciez, and Bastien Wild