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education in energy and the environment

Training the next generation of leaders in energy and environmental issues is a key goal of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment. Students can enroll in Andlinger Center courses (course code ENE) on topics including sustainable design, biofuels, solar energy, geoengineering, and more. Students also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to practice in laboratory courses through the design of sustainable building system components, such as temperature sensors, and the fabrication and testing of batteries.

undergraduate resources

Certificate Programs

The Center is home to two certificate programs. The Program in Sustainable Energy and The Program in Technology and Society – Energy Track, co-sponsored with Princeton University’s Keller Center.

Internships + Opportunities

Browse our internship opportunities and student research funding and apply for 2021 summer internship opportunities.

Fall 2021 Energy Courses

Students can enroll in Andlinger Center courses (course code ENE) on topics including sustainable design, biofuels, solar energy, geoengineering, electronics, entrepreneurship, and more.

graduate resources

Graduate Opportunities

The Paul A. Maeder ’75 Fund for Innovation in Energy and the Environment supports the Maeder Graduate Fellowship in Energy and the Environment.

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses in energy and the environment include studies in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and atmospheric, terrestrial, and oceanic processes.

Research Directory

From energy policy to solar photovoltaics, the center has more than 115 associated faculty working in various disciplines in energy and the environment.

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Furthering Environmental Justice Perspectives in Our Research

This workshop will focus on helping Princeton faculty, postdoctoral researchers and Ph.D. candidates working on environmental, energy and climate topics integrate environmental justice perspectives into their research. April 14.

Highlight Seminar Series: Yang Shao-Horn, MIT

“Towards Identifying Active Environments in Electrocatalysis” – Register now for the talk on April 15.

Video submission portal now open! Princeton Research Day 2021

PRD21, the University’s celebration of early-career research and creative work, is back in an all-online format. Present your research, scholarly or creative work: May 6.

Energy and Environment Table

An informal, student-driven forum for engaging with current issues in energy, sustainability, and environment through dinnertime discussions. For undergrad, graduate students, and post-docs. Email Emily Chen & Noemi Vergopolan for links. Next talk is April 20.

Video recap: Carbon pricing in the real world

Watch the seminar and panel discussion with authors Danny Cullenward and David Victor, hosted by Jesse Jenkins and moderated by Robert O. Keohane.

New Energy: Conversations with Early-Career Energy Researchers

Jesse Jenkins and Erin Mayfield presented in this Dartmouth seminar series.

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Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow Seminar Series – Summer 2020

Watch the videos recapping the research presentations of our distinguished postdocs.


These publications cover emerging topics in energy and the environment that combine technological, economic, and policy considerations.

Andlinger Center Videos

Watch lectures, shorts, and features about the center and faculty.

About the Center

Learn more about the building, the green space, and the complex of laboratories that make up our state-of-the-art center.