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education in energy and the environment

Training the next generation of leaders in energy and environmental issues is a key goal of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment. Students can enroll in Andlinger Center courses (course code ENE) on topics including sustainable design, biofuels, solar energy, geoengineering, and more. Students also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to practice in laboratory courses through the design of sustainable building system components, such as temperature sensors, and the fabrication and testing of batteries.

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Certificate Programs

The Center is home to two certificate programs. The Program in Sustainable Energy and The Program in Technology and Society – Energy Track, co-sponsored with Princeton University’s Keller Center.

Internships + Opportunities

Browse our internship opportunities and student research funding and apply for 2022 summer internship opportunities.

Fall 2022 Energy Courses

Students can enroll in Andlinger Center courses (course code ENE) on topics including sustainable design, biofuels, solar energy, geoengineering, electronics, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Graduate Opportunities

The Paul A. Maeder ’75 Fund for Innovation in Energy and the Environment supports the Maeder Graduate Fellowship in Energy and the Environment.

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses in energy and the environment include studies in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and atmospheric, terrestrial, and oceanic processes.

Research Directory

From energy policy to solar photovoltaics, the center has more than 115 associated faculty working in various disciplines in energy and the environment.

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Featured articles

Students implement visions through virtual reality

A new class jointly offered by faculty of engineering and architecture introduces virtual and augmented reality to students who are not necessarily focused on computer science. The class, including undergraduates and grad students from the humanities, sciences and engineering, will be offered again in the fall.

Andlinger Center celebrates graduates, awards the senior prize for carbon capture research

The Andlinger Center highlighted the achievements of the Center’s 12 graduating seniors in the annual Class Day ceremony on Monday, May 23.

From carbon capture to renewable energy technologies, 18 undergraduates funded for summer research

The Andlinger Center has awarded 18 undergraduates research funds to support research on energy- and environment-related projects.

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The Andlinger Center congratulates our Class of 2022 Program in Technology & Society: Energy Track and Program in Sustainable Energy recipients on their outstanding research presentations. And a big congratulations to Sydney Hughes – who was awarded the Senior Thesis Prize in Energy and the Environment today during Class Day.

Watch again: Highlight seminars

The Andlinger Center kicked off a hybrid format of in-person and virtual audiences for the fall line-up. This seminar series covered topics ranging from electric vehicles to innovative architecture to controlled fusion. Video recordings of the talks are now available for viewing.

Read our Annual Report

The Andlinger Center’s annual report for the academic year 2020-2021 focuses on the Center’s interdisciplinary research, the groundbreaking Net-Zero America study, the growth of the E-ffiliates program, and rising stars.

New Light: Rising Stars in Energy and the Environment

This summer seminar series spotlights associate research scholars, postdoctoral research fellows, and other early-career researchers affiliated with the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.

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Postdoc Seminar Series

New Light: Rising Stars in Energy and the Environment is a summer seminar series


These publications cover emerging topics in energy and the environment that combine technological, economic, and policy considerations.

Andlinger Center Videos

Watch lectures, shorts, and features about the center and faculty.

About the Center

Learn more about the building, the green space, and the complex of laboratories that make up our state-of-the-art center.