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Andlinger Center News

December 11, 2018


The 2017-2018 Annual Report  of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment is now available.

Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo, director of the Andlinger Center, shared her reflections on the year and highlights from the report:

This year the faculty and students have sought answers to pressing, contemporary questions, from research that gets to the heart of environment-related behavioral change, to work that measures the effect on air quality of the 2018 volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. The center also funded research on a one-of-a-kind pressurized wind tunnel that enables modeling of extreme wind on infrastructure 100x its size, and a global, multi-institutional project that studies how rapidly the energy sector can be decarbonized, described on page 12 of the report.

The center convened stakeholders from industry to government to the business and nonprofit communities through several conferences, including the Northeastern Legislative Climate and Energy Summit, organized by the Council on State Governments. And expanded research collaborations with new members of the Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership, detailed on page 20. The Andlinger Center community deepened connections with experts who have extensive experience in the energy industry through the Gerhard R. Andlinger Visiting Fellows Program.

For the first time since establishing a summer internship program that supports interns in labs across Princeton,  the center supported student internships at environmental organizations across the country. The Andlinger Center also hosted Princeton’s first executive education module for Young Global Leaders, an international group of change agents in partnership with the World Economic Forum. You can read more about these programs starting on page 30. It’s through these pillars of excellence in research, engagement, and education that we move toward securing our world’s energy and environmental future. We are always looking to improve and advance, and we do that with your continued engagement.  Thank you for being a part of it.

You can also read Past Annual Reports.

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