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October 29, 2013

WNYC, in collaboration with Marfa Dialogues/New York, brought four of our country’s top experts on environmental science and policy to The Greene Space on October 24, 2013 for an historic panel discussion on the urgent and confounding questions raised by accelerating climate change. Brian Lehrer, host of WNYC’s eponymous Peabody Award-winning morning show, welcomed physicist and visionary environmental scientist Amory Lovins; Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York State, Richard Kauffman; Margot Anderson, Executive Director of the Energy Project for the BiPartisan Policy Center and a long-time US senior energy policy maker; and Guy Nordenson, structural engineer and professor of architecture appointed by Mayor Bloomberg to the New York City Panel on Climate Change.

They explored the politics of climate change, explained the latest strategies to limit environmental damage and talked about the promising initiatives already underway nationally and here in the tri-state region.