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Andlinger Center News

January 23, 2018

Emily Carter (left), the dean of engineering at Princeton and John Mark Martirez (right), a postdoctoral researcher. Photo by David Kelly Crow

Princeton University’s Office of Communications published a story on a new method for manufacturing nitrogen-based synthetic fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and other industrial chemicals that involves pulling nitrogen from the air and combining it with hydrogen: New process could slash energy demands of fertilizer, nitrogen-based chemicals

The method was developed by a research team led by Emily Carter, Princeton’s dean of engineering and the Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment. Carter is the former director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment. John Mark Martirez, a postdoctoral researcher and member of the Princeton research team, is the first author of the article that appeared in Science Advances describing the method, which was published on Jan. 5, 2018.