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Minor Program in Sustainable Energy

Minor Program in Sustainable Energy Electives

Built environment, transportation + infrastructure

  • ENE 202/ARC 208/EGR 208/ENV 206 Designing Sustainable Systems
  • ENE 267/MSE 287/CEE 267 Materials for Energy Technologies and Efficiency
  • CEE 477/ENE 477 Engineering Design for Sustainable Development
  • MAE 418/ARC 418/ENE 428 Virtual and Augmented Reality for Engineers, Scientists, and Architects
  • ART 250/ARC 250/ENV 250 Architecture, Globalization, and the Environment
  • CEE 207/ENV 207 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • CBE 430/MAE 430/MSE 430 Squishy Engineering: Using Soft Materials to Solve Hard Problems
  • ARC 203 Introduction to Architectural Thinking

Electricity production, transmission + storage

  • ENE 273/ECE 273 Renewable Energy and Smart Grids
  • ENE 373/ECE 373 Electric Power: From electronics to the grid
  • ENE 431/ECE 431/ENV 431 Solar Energy Conversion
  • AST 309/MAE 309/PHY 309 Science and Technology of Nuclear Energy: Fission and Fusion
  • CBE 335/MAE 338/ENV 335/ENE 335 The Energy Water Nexus
  • CBE 341 Mass, Momentum, and Energy Transport
  • ECE 481/ENE 481 Principles of Power Electronics
  • ECE 557/ENE 557 Solar Cells: Physics, Materials, and Technology
  • MAE 328/EGR 328/ENV 328/ENE 328 Energy for a Greenhouse-constrained World
  • MAE 427/ENE 427 Energy Conversion and the Environment: Transportation Applications
  • ECE 547C Selected Topics in Solid State Electronics
  • MAE 423/ENE 423 Heat Transfer

Fuels + chemicals

  • ENE 318/CBE 318 Fundamentals of Biofuels
  • ENE 422/MAE 422 Introduction to the Electricity Sector-Engineering, Economics, and Regulation
  • CBE 421/CHM 421/ENE 421 Green and Catalytic Chemistry
  • CBE 441 Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • CEE 305/GEO 375/ENE 305 Environmental Fluid Mechanics or MAE 222/CEE 208 Mechanics of Fluids or ECE/ENE 441,442 Solid State Physics I, II
  • MAE 335 Fluid Dynamics
  • MAE 426 Rocket and Air-Breathing Propulsion
  • MAE 531 Combustion
  • NES 362 Blood, Sex, and Oil: The Caucasus
  • NES 366/ENE 364/ENV 366 Oil, Energy and the Middle East

Environmental sensing + remediation

  • ENE 321/CEE 321/ENV 371 Resource Recovery for a Circular Economy
  • ENE 419/MAE 419 Negative Emission Technologies
  • CBE 225/MSE 225/STC 225 Plastics, Profit, and People: How Science & Society Can Strive for Sustainability
  • CEE 471/GEO 471/URB 471 Introduction to Water Pollution Technology
  • CEE 311/CHM 311/GEO 311/ENE 311 Global Air Pollution
  • CEE 564/ENE 564 Biology, Electrochemistry and Technology

Decision + behavioral science, policy + economics

  • ENE 372/EGR 372/ENV 372 Rapid Switch: The Energy Transition Challenge to a Low-carbon Future
  • ENE 475/PSY 475 Human Factors 2.0-Psychology for Engineering, Energy, and Environmental Decisions
  • CEE 334/SPI 452/ENV 334/ENE 334 Global Environmental Issues
  • ORF 455 Energy and Commodities Markets
  • SPI 306/ECO 329/ENV 319 Environmental Economics
  • SPI 350/ENV 350 The Environment, Science and Policy
  • ENV 327 Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton
  • ENV 377/CEE 377/SAS 377/URB 377 Sustainable Cities in the US and India: Technology & Policy Pathways
  • ENV 531/GEO 531/CEE 583 Topics in Energy and the Environment
  • SOC 357 Sociology of Technology
  • STC 349/ENV 349/JRN 349 Writing about Science
  • URB 201/SPI 201/SOC 203/ARC 207 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • CBE 260/EGR 206 Ethics and Technology: Engineering in the Real World
  • COS 126/EGR 126 Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • PHY 115A/STC 115A or PHY 115B/STC 115B Physics for Future Leaders
  • EGR 491/ECE 491 High-Tech Entrepreneurship
  • ENV 343/CEE 343/SAS 343 Inequality and Sustainability in India and USA: An Interdisciplinary Global Perspective
  • POL 351/SPI 311 The Politics of Development
  • SPI 426/ECO 429 Issues in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • CBE 218/ENE 218 The Complexities of the Energy Transition
  • EGR 495/ENT 495 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: At The Root: Radical Sustainability and Design
  • LAS 312/POL 459/ENV 313 The Politics of Climate Change and Energy Transitions in Latin America
  • LAO 383/ANT 283 Post Disaster Futures

Environmental + climate science

  • ENE 308/MAE 308/GEO 308 Engineering the Climate: Technical & Policy Challenges
  • ENE 449/SPI 459 Integrated Assessment Modeling for Climate Policy Making
  • EEB/ENV 417A, 417B Ecosystems and Global Change
  • ENV 367/GEO 367 Modeling the Earth System: Assessing Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change
  • GEO 427/CEE 427/ENV 427 Fundamentals of the Earth’s Climate System
  • GEO 102A /ENV 102A/STC 102A Climate: Past, Present, and Future
  • CEE 474 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering: The Climatological, Hydrological, and Environmental Footprints of Cities
  • GEO 203/ENE 203 Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science
  • GEO 363/CHM 331/ENV 331 Environmental Chemistry: Chemistry of the Natural Systems
  • GEO 425/MAE 425 Introduction to Ocean Physics for Climate
  • ENV 302/CEE 302/EEB 302 Practical Models for Environmental Systems
  • CEE 306 Hydrology
  • ENV 380/ENG 480/COM 386 Cities, Sea Level Rise and the Environmental Humanities
  • HIS 394/ENV394 History of Ecology and Environmentalism