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Undergraduate Certificate Programs in Energy and the Environment


For students in the Class of 2026 and later, please note that our Certificate Programs will transition to our new Minor Program in Sustainable Energy offered through the Andlinger Center.

Program in Technology and Society: Energy Track


The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment and the Keller Center are pleased to offer an Undergraduate Certificate – Program in Technology and Society, Energy Track.

Society and technology co-evolve so that you cannot fully understand one without knowing something about the other. This cross-disciplinary certificate program is meant for students, both engineers/scientists and humanists/social-scientists, who are interested in exploring this intersection in depth. Graduates who earn this certificate will be effective contributors to the shaping, development, and deployment of technological solutions for the benefit of society.

Provision and use of energy and natural resources in a sustainable way is the single biggest challenge for Americans and citizens of the world to preserve the planet for future generations. Our economic and national security – as well as our overall ability to thrive as a society – depends on living within our resources. Rapid economic and technological growth throughout the world is causing unprecedented demands for energy. How to meet these needs while protecting the environment is one of the most pressing challenges of our times. These problems are complex and intertwined, involving not only a need for advances in science and engineering, but also requiring changes in human behavior, economic analyses, and innovations in institutions as well as thoughtful policy.

Admission to the Program

The Program in Technology and Society is open to all undergraduate students.  Students interested in pursuing the certificate program should complete the Program Enrollment Form and indicate whether they are interested in the Information Technology Track or the Energy Track.

Three Primary Requirements

  1. One core course, two technology courses, two societal courses, and one breadth course that combines technology and society in an area outside of energy.
  2. A one-semester independent research project in energy and society.
  3. A presentation of the student’s project/thesis to faculty and program students at an annual symposium.

Certificate of Proficiency

Students who fulfill the requirements of the program receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Technology and Society upon graduation.