New Student-initiated Seminar, “Investigating An Ethical Approach to Sustainability at Princeton” Being Offered for Fall 2015

A new student-initiated seminar “Investigating An Ethical Approach to Sustainability at Princeton” is now being offered for Fall 2015. Students from all disciplines are welcome.

The course will not be listed on the course offerings website, and requires you to submit a letter of interest to the instructor prior to being considered for enrollment as space is limited. If accepted, the instructor will submit your name for official enrollment (this will require you to hold the time in your schedule until enrolled).

Description: How can an institution like Princeton discern, demonstrate, and accelerate meaningful sustainability in service to the world? As Princeton University shapes its 2026 Campus Plan, students will study the multi-dimensional ethical consequences of sustainability decision-making and implementation. Students will study various facets of campus and sustainability planning, ethical and moral frameworks around human relationships with nature, and modern global conditions and forecasting. The course will also engage campus experts in these fields. Students will produce research-driven position papers outlining what directive principles should be applied when making planning decisions in areas such as energy, waste, water, food, and communications. The papers will inform campus planning.

Assignments: Students will review literature in the fields of environmental ethics, ecology and environmental science, campus planning, and sustainability planning. Assignments will include class presentations as well as written papers.

Day/Time: Tuesdays 1:30 – 4:20, Fall 2015

Instructor: Shana Weber, Ph.D., Director Office of Sustainability (, 258-1518)

Please provide a letter of interest ASAP to, by end of day Monday April 20 if possible.