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Leadership in Energy Innovation and Environmental Consideration


Below are suggested pre-reading materials

general pre-reads

Sustaining Fossil Fuel in a Carbon-Constrained World by Rapid Commercialization of Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Michael C. Sheppard, Robert H. Socolow. AlChe Journal, Volume 53, No. 12, December 2007, pp. 3022-3028.

China's Energy Demand Growth and the Energy Policy Trilemma

S.Wensley, S.Wilson, J.Juang, China: A New Model for Growth and Development, (2013)

re: strategy & decisions for innovation

Aiding Decision Making to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change

H. Kunreuther, E. Weber. Springer Science + Business Media New York (2014)

Behavioral science tools to strengthen energy and environmental policy

Yoeli, E., Budescu, D. V., Carrico, A. R., Delmas, M. A., DeShazo, J. R., Ferraro, P. J., Forster, H.A., Kunreuther, H., Larrick, R.P., Lubell, M., Markowitz, E. M., Tonn, B., Vanderberge, M.P., and Weber, E. U. (2017). Behavioral Science & Policy, 3(1), 69–79.

Climate Change Demands Behavioral Change

E. Weber. Social Research Vol. 82. No. 3.(2015)

Energy Efficiency Economics and Policy

K. Gillingham, R. G. Newell, K. Palmer. Annual Review Resource Economics 1:597–619 (2009)

re: sustainable food choices

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