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E-ffiliates Retreat 2020

Resilience: Coasts and Beyond


Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership 2020 Retreat
Tuesday, June 9, 2020
10:00 a.m. – noon EST

Adaptation—adjustments to natural and human systems to the effects of climate change—is an essential complement to deep decarbonization and other mitigation strategies that will limit the magnitude and rate of climate change. This webinar explores the role of adaptation in strengthening resilience, the ability of systems and communities to bounce back following harmful impacts including extreme events and permanent inundation due to sea level rise. First, we will focus on coastal cities, communities, and systems threatened by the interaction of climate change and sea level rise with longstanding coastal development patterns. The questions we hope to explore include: what measures offer promise, what are the hurdles and opportunities for implementation, and how can resilience be increased cost-effectively in ways that also address long-standing socioeconomic and environmental challenges? Next, we will broaden the focus to resilience in other areas, considering needs and approaches for adaption in infrastructure systems and highlighting work led by several E-ffiliates members and Princeton faculty. We will conclude with a discussion regarding future research and programs on resilience and the role of adaptation in managing the risks of climate change.