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Energy Systems Analysis Group


Members of the Energy Systems Analysis Group teach courses in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The following courses are being taught or have been taught in past years:

  • ENE/ENV/EGR 372: Rapid Switch, the energy transition challenge to a low-carbon future
  • SPI591f, Policy Workshop: Rapid Switch India (fall 2020)
  • MAE 328/ EGR 328/ ENV 328: Energy for a Greenhouse-Constrained World
  • CBE 335/ MAE 338/ ENV 335: The Energy-Water Nexus
  • WWS 585b: Topics in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy – Living in a Greenhouse: Technology & Policy
  • MAE 319: Topics in Energy Conversion: Renewable Energy Technology
  • MAE 554: Special Topics in Energy and Environment: The Greenhouse Problem and Hydrogen Energy Systems
  • ENV ST01: Toward an Ethical Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trajectory for Princeton University, (fall 2006)
  • WWS 591b: Policy workshop: Deploying Clean Energy in Rural China (fall 2004)
  • WWS 591: Policy Workshop: Wither Coal in China and the U.S. (fall 2002)