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Energy Systems Analysis Group


Report No. 328, 06/01, A Nuclear Tiger by the Tail: Some Problems of Command and Control South Asia, Z. Mian.

Report No. 327, 03/01, Verification of the Shutdown or Converted Status of Excess Warhead Production Capacity, O. Bukharin.

Report No. 326, 09/00, Risks and Consequences of Nuclear Weapons Accidents in South Asia, Z. Mian, M. V. Ramana, R. Rajaraman.

Report No. 325, 05/00, Using Commercial Observation Satellites to Verify that Uranium – Enrichment Gaseos Diffusion Plants are not Operating, H. Zhang, F. von Hippel.

Report No. 324, 05/00, Soviet and Post Soviet Environmental Management: Lessons from a Case study of Lead Pollution (Russian version available), V. M. Thomas, A. O. Orlova.

Report No. 323, 05/00, Downsizing of Russia’s Nuclear Warhead Production Infrastructure, O. Bukharin.

Report No. 322, 01/00, An Assessment of Biomass-Powered Microturbines and the Potential for Application in Rural China, P. M. Henderick.

Report No. 321, 12/99, Pakistan’s Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, Z. Mian, A. H. Nayyar.

Report No. 320, 9/99, Conceptual Design and Modeling of a Fuel Cell Scooter for Urban Asia, B. Lin.

Report No. 319, 8/99, The Application of Commercial Observation Satellite Imagery for the Verification of Declared and Undeclared Plutonium Production Reactors, F. von Hippel, H. Zhang.

Report No. 318, 7/99, Prospects for Building a Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure, J. Ogden.

Report No. 317, 8/99, GIS Assisted Calculation of Potential Biomass Yields, A. Kinzig, E. Larson, L. Schneider, L. Solorzano.

Report No. 316, 6/99, Corona Satellite Imagery Indicators of Soviet Nuclear-Weapons Production Activities, O. Bukharin

Report No. 315, 4/99, Towards an Integrated Framework for Development Policy: The Dynamics of Environmental Kuznets Curves, M. Ezzati, B.H. Singer, D.M. Kammen.

Report No. 314, 4/99, U.S.-Russian Warhead Dismantlement Transparency: The Status, Problems, and Proposals, O. Bukharin, K. Luongo.

Report No. 313, 2/99, A Regional Ecological Characterization of Northeast Brazil, L. Solorzano C., L Schneider S.

Report No. 312, 1/99, Evaluation of Additional Spent Fuel Storage Requirements In Korea Through the Year 2030, J. Kang.

Report No. 311, 1/99, Nitrogen Management and the Future of Food Lessons from the Management of Energy and Carbon, R. Socolow.

Report No. 310, 8/98, Linking Industrial Ecology to Public Policy: Report of a Workshop, C. Andrews, D. Rejeski, V. Thomas, R. Socolow.

Report No. 309, 8/98, Hydrogen Production from Coal and Coal Bed Methane Using Byproduct CO2 For Enhanced Methane Recovery, With CO2 Sequestration in the Coal Bed, R. Williams.

Report No. 308, 6/98, Small Hybrid Solar Thermal Electric Plants with Gas Turbines; “Mini” Power Tower (2-4 MWe) Vs. Dish/Brayton, T. Caplow Jr.

Report No. 307, 6/98, Biomass Integrated-Gasification/Gas Turbine Power Generation in Zimbabwe, W.E.M. Hughes.

Report No. 306, 3/98, Defense Conversion and Small Business Development: A proposal for two IFC projects in three of Russia’s closed cities, J. Cetina, O. Bukharin, F. von Hippel.

Report No. 305, 3/98, Achieving Safeguards Sustainability In Russia, O. Bukharin.

Report No. 304, 2/98 The PH.D.+: Enhanced Graduate Training for Scientists and Engineers: a workshop report, T. Spiro, S. O’Brien

Report No. 303, 2/98, The Moral Terrain of Ecological Vulnerability, R. Socolow.

Report No. 302, 9/97, Fuels Decarbonization and Carbon Sequestration: Report of a Workshop, R. Sococlow, et al.

Report No. 301, 9/97, Miniatom’s Adjustment to New Realities, O. Bukharin.

Report No. 300, 6/97, An Analysis of Worldwide Studies detailing the Effects of the Reduction of Gasoline Lead on Air Lead and Blood Lead, J. Fanelli.

Report No. 299, 4/97, Design of a CMAC Neural Network controller for the Preferential Oxidation Reactor in a Fuel Cell Vehicle’s on-Board Methanol Fuel Processor, L. Iwan.

Report No. 298, 12/96, ‘Mundane’ Science: The Missing Link in Sustainable Development Research, D. Kammen, M. Dove

Report No. 297, 11/96, The Industrial Ecology of Lead and Electric Vehicles, R. Socolow, V. Thomas

Report No. 296, 3/96, The Future of Russia’s Plutonium Cities, O. Bukharin

Report No. 295, 1/96, Fuel Decarbonization for Fuel Cell Applications & Sequestration of the Separated CO2, R.H. Williams

Report No. 293, 1/96, Clean Fuels from Municipal Solid Waste for Transportation in New York City & Other Major Metropolitan Areas E.D. Larson, E. Worrel, J.S. Chen

Report No. 292, 7/95, Methanol and Hydrogen from Biomass for Transportation, with Comparisons to Methanol and Hydrogen from Natural Gas and Coal, R.H. Williams, E.D. Larson, R.E. Katofsky, J. Chen.

Report No. 291, 6/95, Enhancing the Usefulness of Prism for Gas Utilities: Results of Survey, M.F. Fells, M. Marean, K. Kissock. Report not available

Report No. 290, 3/95, A Review of the Advanced Neutron Source, S.G. Nilsson

Report No. 289, 3/95, Production of Methanol & Hydrogen from Municipal Solid Waste, J. Chen

Report No. 287, 12/94, The Quiet (Energy) Revolution: Analyzing the Dissemination of Photovoltaic Power Systems in Kenya, R.H. Acker, D.M. Kammen

Report No. 286, 8/94, Interim Storage Matrices for Excess Plutonium: Approaching the “Spent Fuel Standard” without the Use of Reactors, E.S. Lyman.

Report No. 285, 8/94, An Estimation of Dioxin Emissions in the United States, V.M. Thomas, T.G. Spiro

Report No. 284, 6/94, Toward an Energy Industrial Renaissance, R.H. Williams. Report not available

Report No. 283, 3/94, Energy and Development, J. Goldemberg

Report No. 282, 10/93, Aspects of the Wind Energy Potential in the Former Soviet Union, N.N. Kukharkin

Report No. 281, 10/93, A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Accelerated Development of Photovoltaic Technology, R.H. Williams, G. Terzian.

Report No. 280, 6/93,The Role of Small-scale Alternative Energy Systems in Global Change and Environmental Heath: From Case Studies to a Paradigm for Development, D. Kammen.

Report No. 279, 6/93, The Production of Fluid Fuels from Biomass, R. Katofsky.

Report No. 278, 4/93, Science, the Environment, and Value Change, R.H. Socolow.

Report No. 277, 3/93, The Next 100 Years of Fusion and Fission Energy, R.H. Socolow

Report No. 276, 4/93, Measurement of Energy Savings from Demand-side Management Programs in U.S. Electric Utilities, M. Fels, K. Keating.

Report No. 275, 4/93, The Solubility of Plutonium in Glass, E. Lyman.

Report No. 274, 1/93, The Structure and the Production Capabilities of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union, O. Bukharin

Report No. 273, 10/92, Energy Analysis in NYC Multifamily Buildings; Making Good Use of Available Data, M.F. Fels, C.L. Reynolds.

Report No. 272, 9/92, Disposition of Separated Plutonium, F. Berkhout, A. Diakov, H. Feiveson, H. Hunt, M. Miller, F. von Hippel.

Report No. 271, 7/92, Production of Methanol and Hydrogen from Biomass, E. Larson, R. Katofsky

Report No. 270, 7/92, Prospects for Sustainable Utility-scale, Biomass-based Electricity Supply in Northeast Brazil, A.E. Carpentieri, E. Larson, J. Woods.

Report No. 269, 4/92, Performance Prediction of Gas/Stream Cycles for Power Generation, S. Consonni.

Report No. 268, 5/92, Energy Efficiency Training Programs, O.R. Davidson, E. Larson.

Report No. 267, 2/92, Transport Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Options for a Low-emission Future, O.R. Davidson.

Report No. 266, 11/91, A Developing-Country-Oriented Overview of Technologies and Costs for Converting Biomass Feedstocks into Gases, Liquids, and Electricity, E.D. Larson.

Report No. 265, 8/86 (Revised 1/91), Improving the Outlier Resistance and Accuracy of PRISM: Description and Sample Analysis, M.F. Fels, C. Hurvich.

Report No. 264, 6/89 (Revised 12/90), Investigating an Analytical Framework for Improving Commercial Energy Audits: Results from a New Jersey Mall, J.S. Haberl, P.S. Komor.

Report No. 263, 8/91, Hydrogen and Methanol: Production from Biomass and Use in Fuel Cell and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles – A Preliminary Assessment, M.A. De Luchi, E.D. Larson, R.H. Williams.

Report No. 262, 7/91, Alps and Asats: Distant Cousins or Disguised Twins?, D.L. Fenstermacher.

Report No. 261, 6/91, Proceedings of the Workshop on Soviet Energy Policy, W. Chandler, A.A. Makarov, R.H. Socolow.

Report No. 260, 7/91, Beyond Bipolarity (But Well Short of Multipolarity): A U.S. Military Posture for Forward Presence, Crisis Response, and a “1/2 War”, M. O’Hanlon.

Report No. 259, 3/91, Fulfilling the Promise of Environmental Technology, M. Ross, R.H. Socolow.

Report No. 258, 1/91, Electricity-Ehanol CO-production from Sugar Cane; A Technical and Economic Assessment, M.E. Fulmer.

Report No. 257, 1/91, Predicting Long-term Indoor Radon Concentrations from Short-term Measurements: Evaluation of an Approach Involving Temperature Correction, T.A. Reddy, A. Cavallo, K. Gadsby, R. Socolow.

Report No. 256, 1/91, Thermodynamics of Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbines, A. Lloyd.

Report No. 255, 11/90, Carbon Sequestration vs. Fossil Fuel Substitution: Alternative Roles for Biomass in Coping with Greenhouse Warming, D.O. Hall, H.E. Mynick, R.H. Williams.

Report No. 254, 8/90, Princeton at Asilomar, Buildings Energy Research Group.

Report No. 253, 9/90, A System-oriented Assessment of Electricity Use and Efficiency in Pumping and Air-handling , E.D. Larson, L.J. Nilsson.

Report No. 252, 06/90, Reliability Criteria for PRISM Results, M. F. Fels, C. Reynolds. Report not available.

Report No. 251, 8/90, Lay Perspectives on Global Climate Change, W. Kempton.

Report No. 250, 4/90, Assessment of New Technologies for Co-production of Alcohol, Sugar and Electricity from Sugar Cane, J.M. Ogden, J. Fulmer.

Report No. 249, 4/90, Statistical Analyses of Radon Levels in Residences Using Weekly and Daily Averaged Data, T.A. Reddy, F.B. Molineaux, K.J. Gadsby, R.H. Socolow.

Report No. 248, 3/90, Ventilation Control for Energy Conservation: Digitally Controlled Terminal Boxes and Variable Speed Drives, S.L. Englander.

Report No. 247, 2/90, The Current Status of Chinese Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Policies, D. Shen.

Report No. 246, 1/90, Modeling Air Flow Dynamics Through a Homogeneous Gravel Porous Bed Using Subslab Depressurization, T.A. Reddy, H.E. Black III, K.J. Gadsby, D.T. Harrje, R.G. Sextro.

Report No. 245, 01/90, High Radon Houses: Implications for Epidemiology and Risk Assessment, R. Goble, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 244, 12/89, Residential Direct Load Control: Comfort Effects, Prescreening For Load Savings, and Improved Controller Design, W. Kempton, C. Reynolds, M.F. Fels, D. Hull.

Report No. 243, 10/89, First Steps Toward a New Soviet-American Collaboration on Global Energy Development and Associated Ecological Problems, R.H.Socolow.

Report No. 242, 07/89, U.S. – Soviet Collaboration in Energy Conservation Research and Development, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 241, 07/89, Assessing the Capabilities of Soviet Air Defenses for Ballistic Missile Defense, B. G. Levi, M. O’Hanlon.

Report No. 240, 07/89, Energy Use, Information, and Behavior in Small Commercial Buildings, P. Komor, W. Kempton, J. Haberl.

Report No. 239, 06/89, Diversion-Resistance Criteria for Future Nuclear Power, R. H. Williams, H. A. Feiveson.

Report No. 238, 04/89, The Effects of Nuclear Test Ban Regimes on Third Generation Weapons Innovation, D. Fenstermach.

Report No. 237, 04/89, Warhead and Fissile-Material Declarations (Published in “Reversing the Arms Race-How to Achieve and Verify Deep Reductions in Nuclear Arsenals”, Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, June 1990, F. von Hippel. Not available.

Report No. 236, 04/89, Identification of Building Parameters Using Dynamic Inverse Models: Analysis of Three Occupied Residences, T. A. Reddy.

Report No. 235, 04/89, “I Always Turn it on Super”: Users Conceptions and Operations of Room Air Conditioners, W. Kempton, D. Feuermann, A. Mcgarty.

Report No. 234, 03/89, The Values and Verifiability of Deep Reduction in Nuclear Arsenals, H. A Feiveson, F. Von Hippel.

Report No. 233, 03/89, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Quarantining the Peaceful Atom, H. A. Feiveson.

Report No. 232, 03/89, Verification of Limits on Long-Range Nuclear Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles (Printed in Science & Global Security, 1989, vol. 1, pp. 27-57), V. Thomas.

Report No. 231, 02/89, Hydrogen and the Revolution in Amorphous Silicon Solar Technology, J. M. Ogden, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 230, 08/88, Calibrated Computer Models of Commercial Buildings and Their Role in Building Design and Operation, E. S. Hsieh.

Report No. 229, 10/88, Priority Research Programs in a Globally Coordinated Approach to Energy Policy, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 228, 10/88, Keeping Score in Electricity Conservation Programs, G. S. Dutt, M. F. Fels.

Report No. 227, 08/88, Princeton at Asilomar 1988: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy-Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Pacific Grove, California, Buildings Energy Research Group.

Report No. 226, 05/88, Aeroderivative Turbines for Stationary Power, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 225, 04/88, Modeling, Diagnosis, and Implications for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Centrally Heated Apartment Buildings, J. M. Decicco.

Report No. 224, Biomass Stoves: Engineering Design, Development, and Dissemination, S. F. Baldwin.

Report No. 223, 11/87, Proceedings of the Radon Diagnostics Workshop, D.T. Harrje, L. M. Hubbard, D. C. Sanchez

Report No. 222, 11/87 Enerplex Revisited: A Post-Occupancy Evaluation Proceedings of the Radon Diagnostics Workshop, D. T. Harrje, L. M. Hubbard, D. C. Sanchez.

Report No. 221, 01/88, Weather Adjustment of Energy Billings Data: Reliability Criteria for Consumer Energy Report (in preparations), M. F. Fels, C. L. Reynolds. Not available.

Report No. 220, 01/88, Design Criteria for a Consumer Energy Report: A Pilot Field Study, L. L. layne, W. Kempton, A. Behrens, R. C. Diamond, M. F. Fels, C. Reynolds.

Report No. 218, 10/87, Domestic Hot Water Energy Savings in Multifamily Buildings, S. L. Englander, G. S. Dutt.

Report No. 217, 09/87, Steam-Injected Gas Turbine Cogeneration for the Cane Sugar Industry, E. D. Larson, J. M.Ogden, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 216, 06/87, Archive: Software for Management of Field Data Software Field Data,  D. Feuermann, W. Kempton.

Report No. 215, 06/87, Parameter Estimation in Buildings: Method for Transient Analysis of Measured Energy Use, A. Rabl.

Report No. 214, 03/87, Materials, Affluence, and Industrial Energy Use, R. H. Williams, E. D. Larson, M. H. Ross.

Report No. 213, 11/86, PRISM Documentation for Heating-Only or Cooling-Only Estimation Program; Version 4.0, M. F. Fels, C. Reynolds, D. Stram.

Report No. 212, NJ Energy Conservation Laboratory Second Annual Report.

Report No. 211, Revised 6/87, Consequences of ‘Limited’ attacks on the USSR, W. Daugherty, B. Levi, B. Thickens, F. von Hippel.

Report No. 210, 08/86, Measurement of Envelope Heat Transfer Coefficients in Multifamily Buildings, D. Feuermann.

Report No. 209, Princeton at Santa Cruz-1986: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Santa Cruz, California, Buildings Energy Research Group.

Report No. 208, 06/86, Energy Conservation Buildings Department of Energy Research Summary Report 1980-85, D. T. Harrje, G. S. Dutt.

Report No. 207, 03/86, NJ Energy Conservation Laboratory First Annual Report, Buildings Energy Research Group.

Report No. 206, 11/88,  Plutonium Recycle and the Problem of Nuclear Proliferation, D. Albright, H. A. Feiveson.

Report No. 205, 11/86, The Use of a Constant Concentration Tracer Gas System to Measure Ventilation in Buildings, D. Bohac.

Report No. 204, 11/85, Toward and Energy Strategy for a Sustainable World (Published as Energy for a Sustainable World by Wiley Eastern Limited, 1998. Shortened Version Available from World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C., 1987), J. Goldemberg, T. B. Johansson, A. K. N. Reddy, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 203, 12/85, Progress Report: Monitoring the Energy Performance of the Enerplex Office Buildings: Results for the First Year of Occupnacy, L. Norford, A. Rabl, R. H. Socolow, G. Spadaro.

Report No. 202, The Modular Retrofit Experiment: Design, Scorekeeping and Evaluation, G. S. Dutt, M. Lavine, B. Levi, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 201, 08/85, PRISM Applied to a Multifamily Building: The Lumley Homes Case Study, J. Decicco, G. S. Dutt, D. T. Harrje, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 200, 09/85, Steam-Injected Gas Turbines, E. D. Larson, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 199, 09/85, Basic Need and Much More with 1kw per Capita, J. Goldemberg, T. B. Johansson, A. K. N. Reddy, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 198, 03/86, Casualties Due to the Blast, Heat & Radioactive Fallout from Various Hypothetical Attacks on the US, W. Daugherty, B. Levi, R. von Hippel.

Report No. 197, 06/86, Nuclear Winter: A review of the Key Factors, B. Levi, T. Rothman.

Report No. 196, 07/85, PRISM: A Conservation Scorekeeping Method Applied to Electrically Heated Houses, M. Fels, R. H. Socolow, J. Rachling, D. Stram.

Report No. 195, 06/87, World Inventories of Plutonium, D. Albright.

Report No. 194, 1988, Energy for a Sustainable World (Published by Wiley Eastern Limited, 1988, Shortened version available from World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C. 1987) J. Goldemberg, T.B. Johansson, A. K. N. Reddy, R. H. Williams. Not available.

Report No. 193, 07/85, Energy Demand and Materials Flows in the Economy, M. Ross, E. D. Larson, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 192, 06/85, A Primer on the Thermo-Dynamics of Steam-Injected Gas-Turbine Cogeneration, E. D. Larson, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 191, 05/85, Field Studies of Energy Savings in Buildings: A Tour of a Fourteen-Year Research Program at Princeton University, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 190, 04/85, The Physicist’s Role in Using Energy Efficiently: Reflections on the 1974 American Physical Society Summer Study and the Task Ahead, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 189, 05/85, The Economics of Energy Conservation in Developing Countries: The Consumer Versus the Societal Perspective. A Case Study for the Electrical Sector in Brazil, R. H. Williams, J. Goldemberg.

Report No. 188, 05/85, Field Measurements of Seasonal Wood Moisture Variations in Residential Attics, D. T. Harrje, R. Gibson, D. Jacobson, G. S. Dutt, G. Hans.

Report No. 187, 04/85, Producer Gas Towards Economic Development and the Role of Research, E. D. Larson.

Report No. 186, 02/85, A Low Energy Future for the U.S., R. H. Williams.

Report No. 185, 02/85, An End-Use Energy Strategy for Industrialized Countries, R. H. Williams, T. B. Johansson.

Report No. 184, 02/85, Improved Wood Burning Cook Stoves: Signs of SuccessH. Geller, S. Baldwin, G. S. Dutt, N. Ravindranath.

Report No. 183, 02/85, Potential Roles for Bioenergy in an Energy Efficient World, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 182, 02/85, The Energy and Economic Implications of Agricultural Technologies: An Approach Based on the Technical Options for the Operations of Crop Production, A. K. N. Reddy.

Report No. 181, 02/85, An End-Use Methodology for Development- Oriented Energy Planning in Developing Countries, with India as a Case Study, A. K. N. Reddy.

Report No. 180, 02/85, Energy Use Patterns in Tanzania, M. Mwandosya, M. L. P Luhanga.

Report No. 179, 02/85, An End-Use Oriented Global Energy Strategy, J. Goldemberg, T. B. Johansson, A. K. N. Reddy, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 178, 02/85, Energy for a Sustainable World, J. Goldemberg, T. B. Johansson, A. K. N. Reddy, R. H. Williams.

Report No. 177, 02/85, A global End-Use Energy Strategy R. H. Williams, A. K. N. Reddy, T. B. Johansson, J. Goldemberg, E. D. Larson.

Report No. 176, 02/85, Energy: Issues and Opportunities, A. K. N. Reddy.

Report No. 175, 02/85, Developing Country Competitiveness in the Global Marketplace, E. D. Larson.

Report No. 174, 02/84, Material Consumption Patterns and Industrial Energy Demands in Industrialized Countries, E. D. Larson, R. H. Williams, A. Bienkowski.

Report No. 173, 01/84, Pressurization Testing Infiltration Reduction and Energy Savings, D. Jacobson, G. S. Dutt, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 172, 08/84, An Experimental Analysis of a Complex Geometry Designed for Daylighting: The Enerplex South Light Slot, R. Seroussi.

Report No. 171, 08/84, Optimizing Investment Levels for Energy Conservation: Individual Versus Social Perspective, and the role of uncertainty, A. Rabl. Not available.

Report No. 170, 08/84, Princeton at Santa Cruz: American Council for Energy Efficiency Economy Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Santa Cruz, California, Buildings Energy Research Group.

Report No. 169, 07/84, A Pragmatical Approach to North-South Science and Technology, C. Weiss, J. Goldemberg.

Report No. 168, 07/86, Qualities of Fissile Materials in US and Soviet Nuclear Weapons Arsenals, F. von Hippel, D. Albright, B. Levi.

Report No. 167, 06/84, Controlling the Source: Verification of a Cutoff in the Production of Plutonium and Highly-Enriched Uranium for Nuclear Weapons, F. von Hippel, B. Levi.

Report No. 166, 06/84, Seasonality of Non-Heating Consumption: A Study Based on Submeter Data, J. Rachlin, M. F. Fels, R. H. Socolow. Not available.

Report No. 165, 05/84, The Effect of Burning Wood Saving Electricity: An Exploratory Analysis.

Report No. 164, 04/84, Toward More Informative Energy Bills, M. F. Fels, W. Kempton.

Report No. 163, 04/84, The Princeton Scorekeeping Method: An Introduction, M. F. Fels.

Report No. 162, 03/84, The Princeton Scorekeeping Method: Documentation for Heating -Only Estimation Program, D. Stram, M. F. Fels.

Report No. 161, 02/84, Energy Supply Options for Princeton University: A Case Study on Cogeneration, M. E. Mckay, A. Rabl.

Report No. 160, 08/84, Monitoring consumption in Electrically Heated Houses (Methodology Development: C Pase I), R. H. Socolow, M.F. Fels, D. Stram, J. Rachlin.

Report No. 159, 12/83, Measurement of Performance of Solar Heated Office Buildings, L. Norford, A. Rabl, R.H. Socolow. Not available.

Report No. 158, 01/84, An Analysis of Energy Use in Office Buildings: The Case of Enerplex, L. Norford.

Report No. 157, 04/82, Resource-Efficient High Technology, Basic Human Needs, and the Convergence of North and South, R.H. Socolow.

Report No. 156, 08/83, Using a Billing and Weather Data to Separate Thermostat From Insulation Effects, M. F. Fels, M. Goldberg.

Report No. 155, 08/83, Can a Simple Physically-Based Model Provide Accurate Scorekeeping of Electricity Savings in Houses? M. F. Fels, R. H. Socolow, D. Stram, J. Rachlin. Not available.

Report No. 154a, 07/83, Methanol from Biomass and Urban Refuse: Prospects and Opportunities, B. Arnason.

Report No. 154, 04/83, Review and Evaluation of Monument Street (Baltimore) Landfill, R. Albert, R. Harris, J. Highland, D. McLaughlin, P. Monague, E. Wood. Not available.

Report No. 153, 08/83, The Health Risks of Toxic Organic Chemicals Found in Groundwater, R. Harris.

Report No. 152, 08/83, Princeton at Santa Cruz: Summer Study on Energy-Efficient Buildings, Santa Cruz, CA. August 1982, Buildings energy research group.

Report No. 151, 06/83, Future Energy Savings in U.S. Housing, R.H. Williams, G.S. Dutt, H. Geller.

Report No. 150, 05/83, Energy Conservation Progress in Existing Residences: Summary of Papers Presented in the Residences Panel, Summer Study on Energy Efficient Buildings, Santa Cruz, CA D. Bleviss, G.S. Dutt, D. Jacobson. Not available.

Report No. 149a, 08/82, The ice Pond-Production and Seasonal Storage of Ice for Cooling (Shortened Version of #149), D. Kirkpatrick, M. Masoero, A. Rabl, C. Roedder, R. H. Socolow, T. Taylor.

Report No. 149, 08/82, The Ice Pond-Production and Seasonal Storage of ice for Cooling, D. Kirkpatrick, M. Masoero, A. Rabl, C. Roedder, R. H. Socolow, T. Taylor.

Report No. 148, 01/82, Heat Flow and Moisture Dynamics in a Residential Attic, J. Ford.

Report No. 147, 08/82, The Scorekeeping Model for Residential Energy Consumption: Procedures and Problems (in draft form), G.S. Dutt, M.F. Fels.

Report No. 146, 07/82, Regional (location) and Building-Factors as Determinants of Indoor Radon Concentrations in Eastern Pennsylvania, S. Gross, H. Sachs.

Report No. 145, 07/82, Soil and Regional Uranium as Controlling Factors of Indoor Radon in Eastern Pennsylvania, A. van Assendelft, H. Sachs.

Report No. 144, 08//82, The Variation of Basement Radon Concentration with Barometric Pressure or the Curious Case of the Breathing Basement T. Hernandez, J. Ring, H. Sachs.

Report No. 143, 07/82, Post-Embargo Conservation: A NJ Case Study, M. F. Fels, M. Goldberg.

Report No. 142, 07/82,  A Geometrical Approach to no Differentiable Regression Models as Related to Methods for Assessing Residential Energy Conservation, M. Goldberg.

Report No. 141, 03/82, Transportation Energy Policy in the 1980’s, M.F. Fels.

Report No. 140, 06/82, …Nor Any Drop to Drink!: Public Policies Toward Chemical Contamination of Drinking Water, G. Singer.

Report No. 140a, 06/82, The European Experience: Issues in Water Quality and Drinking Water Treatment (appendix to report 140), G. Singer.

Report No. 139, 07/83, Exploratory Analysis of Oil-Heated Houses, M. F. Fels, M. L. Goldberg, M. L. Lavine, R. H. Socolow.

Report No. 138, 05/82, Space Heat Demand in oil Heated Houses, B. Levi.

Report No. 137, 05/82, Indoor Radon Source Fluxes: Experimental Tests of a two Chamber Model, T. Hernandez, J. Ring.

Report No. 136, 05/82, Regional Geology and Radon Variability in Buildings, H. Sachs, T. Hernandez, J. Ring.

Report No. 135, 03/82, Four Secure Landfills in NJ- A study of the State of the Art in Shallow Burial Waste Disposal Technology (draft), P. Montague.

Report No. 134, 03/82, NJ Energy Data System Update Manual, M. F. Fels, D. Hardwood. Not available, please see report #101.

Report No. 133, 04/82, Radon Sources Flux Measurement in Residences Using a Two Chamber Ventilation Model, T. Hernandez.

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