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Energy Systems Analysis Group

cees graduate theses (1973-1997)


Laura C. Iwan, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Design of a CMAC Neural Network Controller for the Preferential Oxidation Reactor in a Fuel Cell Vehicle’s On-board Methanol Fuel Processor


Jeffery S. Chen, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
The Production of Methanol and Hydrogen Fuels from Municipal Solid Waste


Ryan Katofsky, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
The Production of Fluid Fuels from Biomass


Stefano Consonni, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Performance Prediction of Gas/Steam Cycles for Power Production


Simone Hochgreb, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
An Experimental and Numerical Study on the Oxidation of Formaldehyde

Michael O’ Hanlon, Ph.D., Woodrow Wilson
Beyond Hegemony (But Well Short of Multi-Polarity): A U.S. Military Posture for Forward Presence, Crisis Response, and “1/2 War”.


Alistair Lloyd, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Thermodynamics of Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbine

Mark Fulmer, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Electricity-Ethanol Co-production from Sugar Cane: A Technical and Economic Assessment

Scott Englander, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Ventilation Control for Energy Conservation: Digitally Controlled Terminal Boxes and Variable Speed Drives


Thomas Norton, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
The Combustion Chemistry of Simple Alcohol Fuels


Esther Hsieh, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Calibrated Computer Models of Commercial Buildings and Their Role in Building Design and Operation

John DeCicco, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Modeling, Diagnosis, and Implications for Improving the Energy-Efficiency of Centrally Heated Apartment Buildings


David Bohac, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
The Use of a Constant Concentration Trace Gas System to Measure Ventilation in Buildings


Thomas Reilly, M.S.E., Chemical Engineering
The Clean-Up of PCB Contaminated Soils and Sludges by a Solvent Extraction Process: A Case Study


James N. Rachlin, M.S.E., Civil Engineering
Finding Signatures of Physical Effects in Residential Energy Consumption Data

Diomedes Christodoulou, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Technology and Economics of the Transmission of Gaseous Fuels via Pipelines

Leslie Norford, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
An Analysis of Energy Use in Office Buildings: The Case of Enerplex

Richard Seroussi, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
An Experimental Analysis of a Complex Geometry Designed for Daylighting: The Enerplex South Light Slot


Birgir Arnason, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering

Methanol from Biomass and Urban Refuse: Prospects and Opportunities


Miriam L. Goldberg, Ph.D., Statistics
A Geometrical Approach to Non-Differentiable Regression Models as Related to Methods for Assessing Residential Energy Conservation

John K. Ford, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Heat Flow and Moisture Dynamics in a Residential Attic

Thomas Hernandez, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Radon Source Flux Measurement in Residences Using a Two Chamber Ventilation Model

Andrew Persily, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Understanding Air Infiltration in Homes


Marco Masoero, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Annual Storage of Naturally Frozen Ice for Building Air Conditioning


Miriam L. Goldberg, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Residential Energy Consumption: Use of Aggregate Data to Measure Physical Properties of Housing Stock


Howard S. Geller, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Distribution Systems and Residential District Heating


Hartmut Krugmann, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Radioactive Waste Disposal–A Comparison of Alternative Nuclear Fuel Cycles

Thomas F. Schrader, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
A Two-Parameter Model for Assessing the Determinants of Residential Space Heating


Robert Sonderegger, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Dynamic Models of House Heating Based on Equivalent Thermal Parameters

Nicholas Malik, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Air Infiltration in Homes


John M. Fox, M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering
Energy Consumption for Residential Space Heating: A Case Study