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rapid switch: australia

Rapid Switch Australia focuses on the domestic fossil industries and their interaction with the global energy market. Australia is a large exporter of fossil fuels, such as coal. There is likely to be increasing tension between Australian businesses and states who benefit from fossil energy exports, their customers (including India) and domestic climate action policies, including medium-term (2030) state-based targets for renewable energy levels that are among the world’s most ambitious. This effort is studying the potential for this tension to impact the pace of decarbonization.

Australia projects

From Ambition to Reality

In collaboration with Worley through E-ffiliates, these papers explore the five key shifts in thinking needed to deliver a net-zero transition.

Are You Paris Compliant? Transitioning financial institutions and firms to a zero-carbon future

Are You Paris Compliant is a platform to evaluate and track the climate performance of companies. This resource aims to expand the scope of geographic and sectoral coverage of companies being evaluated and to continuously improve the efficacy of the reporting and assessment in collaboration with companies and investors.

Net-Zero Australia

The Net-Zero Australia Study will identify plausible pathways and detailed infrastructure requirements by which Australia can transition to net zero emissions, and be a major exporter of low emission energy and products, by 2050.

Managing transition risks in fossil fuel-exporting nations

What collaborative opportunities between states and the private sector could deliver the innovation and business/state reinvention necessary to minimize socio-economic disruption associated with rapid divestment of upstream assets in fossil fuel-exporting nations?

Using negative emissions technologies to accommodate the political economy of fossil fuel exports

What is the techno-economic potential for enhanced natural sinks and negative emissions technologies to offset the emissions impacts of continued fossil fuel exports?

Addressing the challenges for carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) to deep decarbonisation

What rates of carbon capture and geological sequestration might be plausible by mid-century in the large coal-dependent economies of Asia?