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rapid switch: papers and publications

Global focus:

  1. Grant, N. Gambhir, A., Mittal, S., Greig, C., and Koberle, A. (2022) “Enhancing the realism of decarbonisation scenarios with practicable regional constraints on CO2 storage capacity”, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. Volume 120, (2022).
  2. N. V. Emodi, S. Rekker, B. Wade, and C. Greig, (2022) “A systematic review of barriers to greenfield investment in decarbonization solutions”. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
  3. C. Greig, S. Uden, and O. Vosshage, (2022). “Defining the value of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) for a low-carbon future”, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme Technical Report, August 2022.

Global and US focus:

  1. S. Uden. R. Socolow, and C. Greig, (2022). “Bridging capital discipline with energy scenarios”. Energy and Environmental Science.

US and China focus:

  1. Ku, A.Y., Greig, C., and Larson, E. (2022) “Traffic ahead: Navigating the road to carbon neutrality” Energy Research and Social Science,

India Focus:

  1. Pascale, A., Chakravarty, S., Lant, P., Smart, S., and Greig, C. (2022). “Can transitioning to non-renewable modern energy decrease carbon dioxide emissions in India?” Energy Research and Social Sciences. Energy Research & Social Science, Volume 91, 102733, ISSN 2214-6296, .

Australia focus:

  1. Paul Ebert, Clare Anderson, and Chris Greig (2022) “The infrastructure of net zero: a unique challenge for Australia”. The APPEA Journal, CSIRO Publishing.

Global and Australia focus:

  1. Rekker, S., Ives, M., Wade, Webb, L B., & Greig, C. (2022). “Measuring corporate Paris Compliance using a strict science-based approach”. Nature Communications, 13, 4441 (2022).