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rapid switch: public resources

The Net-Zero America Project: Finding pathways to a carbon-neutral future

Report (pdf)

Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI) Annual Report: Net-Zero America: Finding Pathways to a Carbon-Neutral Future

Rapid Switch: Potential pathways and political bottlenecks to deep decarbonisation in Australia


The University of Queensland, Australia, Centre for Policy Futures states its principal disciplinary focus on Rapid Switch.

Getting to Zero: Can America transition to a net-zero emissions energy system?


What will it take for the United States to build a net-zero emissions energy system? To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, global emissions of CO2 must fall to zero by roughly mid-century and go net negative soon thereafter.

Getting to Zero: How fast can we reduce carbon emissions?


The Telluride Science Research Center hosts Dr. Lynn Loo. Her talk is entitled “Getting to Zero: How fast can we reduce carbon emissions?”.

Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership retreat agenda


The Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership’s (E-ffiliates) 2019 Retreat focused on the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment’s new Rapid Switch initiative.

The Rapid Switch Project – An exploration of bottlenecks in deep decarbonisation scenarios


The David Bradford Energy and Environmental Policy Seminar Series presents “The Rapid Switch Project – An Exploration Of Bottlenecks In Deep Decarbonisation Scenarios” by Chris Greig.