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rapid switch: united states

Rapid Switch United States is focusing on understanding the challenges and potential for the largest economy and second largest GHG emitter globally to play a critical role in deep decarbonization efforts by leading by example, including demonstrating and enhancing the economics of deep decarbonization pathways.

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United States projects

The Net-Zero America project

What physical plant infrastructure and societal changes are needed achieve net-zero emissions in the United States by mid-century, and how will these changes impact natural environments, the economy, incumbent infrastructure, and communities?

The impact of rapid decarbonization on jobs

How do employment needs shift geographically with a U.S. transition to a net-zero emissions energy system?

Impacts of state clean energy policies on regional grid decarbonization: a New Jersey/PJM case study

Although electricity flows are generally managed regionally, clean energy targets vary by state. How will transitioning the electricity sector in New Jersey to meet clean energy targets affect the cost and carbon footprint of the power sector for the PJM region?

Societal norms and beliefs regarding large-scale renewable energy and decarbonization strategies

How do citizens form opinions about renewable energy technologies and could that affect the rate of offshore wind development and decarbonization of New Jersey’s power sector?

Shoring up the global carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) enterprise

Could global CCS expectations be enhanced by the development of large-scale CO2 pipelines and shipping networks connecting carbon-intensive regions to CO2 storage super-regions?