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Impacts of state clean energy policies on regional grid decarbonization: a New Jersey/PJM case study

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Project Description

New Jersey leaders are increasing incentives for clean electricity generation and establishing long-term carbon reduction goals to address climate change. This analysis assesses: the impacts on carbon emissions from electricity generation across PJM; the costs of electricity for New Jersey customers under various scenarios using estimated cost of supply assumptions; N.J.’s legislated and aspirational targets, and/or other assumptions. The scenarios investigate how changes to state, regional (PJM) and national policy, regulations, and markets, as well as uncertain changes in technology cost and availability, might impact emissions and electricity costs to customers. It also assesses the timeline and the pace of change for the cost impacts and for achieving emissions reductions. The researchers ultimately aim to provide a report that helps inform N.J. policymakers and other stakeholders.


Jesse Jenkins; Eric Larson; Chuan Zhang; Ali Daraeepour; Neha Patankar