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Installing a Solar Cell on a Roof, Shadow imageProject description

Researchers are evaluating the behavioral, social, and political barriers and opportunities for increasing adoption of distributed solar resources in India, particularly grid-connected rooftop solar. In collaboration with local partners, the researchers address three overarching questions: What affects the uptake of rooftop solar across Indian states and households? What are the roles of community groups, social capital, and social networks in decisions to adopt distributed solar? What are the effects of distributed solar adoption on behavioral and policy preferences, development and welfare outcomes, and social and political relationships? The researchers use multiple research methods, including qualitative interviews, quantitative household surveys, and randomized control trials, to evaluate individual and collective preferences and behaviors. The findings aim to help policymakers understand the challenges and opportunities for distributed solar resources and how to overcome some of these barriers. The research also identifies the segments of the population for whom current solar policies are most effective at incentivizing solar uptake.


Elke Weber; Sara Constantino; Alicia Cooperman