Myriad courses at Princeton provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain an in-depth understanding of issues related to energy and the environment.

Certificate Program in Technology and Society

The energy track of this cross-disciplinary certificate program, offered in partnership with the Keller Center, aims to bring together students from across divisions and provide them with a comprehensive program of courses, research, and activities in the area of energy technologies and their impact on society and the environment. Courses provide exposure to a broad set of issues at the intersection of technology and society, and students have a choice of two tracks of study: Energy or Information Technology. Energy track recipients will gain a greater understanding of the shaping, development, and deployment of energy solutions for the benefit of society as well as a sense of the trade-offs that different solutions present. Undergraduates from all divisions are eligible and encouraged to participate in the program.

Certificate Program in Sustainable Energy

The The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment’s Certificate Program in Sustainable Energy is designed for Princeton undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers or graduate education in the area of Sustainable Energy Science and Technology to achieve:

An understanding of current energy resources, carriers, end users, technologies, and their impact on climate and environment.

The ability to quantitatively analyze, design, and develop innovative energy systems and technologies that support sustainable economic growth, energy security, biological diversity, and environmental harmony for life on earth.

An understanding of earth, global climate, and environmental change from the perspective of engineering, technology, and policy.

Princeton Research Day

Present your research and creative work at the first Princeton Research Day on May 5, 2016. Share what you have been working on with the campus and the broader community. All disciplines encouraged to apply. Presentation formats include 10-minute talks, 90-second pitches, posters, performances and readings, exhibitions and videos. Application deadline is February 5, 2016. For more information and to apply online:


The Andlinger Center fosters opportunities for faculty, students — and their many academic, corporate, and government partners — to catalyze and support new research and educational partnerships.

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