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The Net-Zero America study (initial release December 2020, final release October 2021) has drawn interest from a variety of media and other outlets.

Cover art from the Economist – America and climate change: How America can rid itself of both carbon and blackouts (Andrea Usini)

Nuclear fusion is doing the impossible – uniting politicians

Newsweek – 8/24/22

Iowa’s ‘plausible’ net-zero pathway calls for surge in natural gas generation

Natural Gas Intelligence – 7/26/22

Failure is not an option: Increasing the chances of achieving net zero

McKinsey Sustainability – 6/2/22

The dimensions of Biden’s ‘incredible transition’

The Washington Times, Editorial – 5/30/22

Ind. experiment highlights wind siting challenge

Energy & Wire – 5/18/22

Energy policy abandons electricity consumers and increases inflation

The Hill – 5/15/22

Climate scientist to state: Where’s the nuclear power?

Adirondack Explorer – 5/7/22

A fight over America’s energy future erupts on the Canadian border

New York Times – 5/6/22

The best time to plan transmission was 15 years ago. The second-best time is now.

Rocky Mountain Institute – 4/22/22

What climate choices should cities make? A Princeton data tool helps planners set priorities.

Princeton University – 3/30/22

N. America’s old pipelines seek new life moving carbon in climate push

Reuters – 2/23/22

A year after the electric grid failed, Texas focuses on reliability, not climate change

The Texas Tribune – 2/15/22

Sunlight as infrastructure

Boston Review – 1/31/22

Inside clean energy: as efficiency rises, solar power needs fewer acres to pack the same punch

Inside Climate News – 1/27/22

How far would Iowa pipeline projects go toward U.S. climate change goals?

The Gazette – 1/19/22

The Biggest Issues to Watch in 2022

Governing – 1/18/22

NIMBYism is good if the N stands for nuclear

The Washington Post – 1/16/22

3 Reasons nuclear power has returned to the energy debate

Foreign Policy – 1/3/22

An energy transition needs lots of power lines. This 1970s Minnesota farmers’ uprising tried to block one. What can it teach us?

Inside Climate News – 1/3/22

Can innovation save Biden’s push for 100% clean grid?

Energy Wire – 12/21/21

The reconciliation bill gives a huge gift to the gas industry

Jacobin – 12/3/21

Fast Tracking Finance: The crucial role of investors and financers in the Climate Decade (Video)

The Climate Group – 11/30/21

Princeton goes big in bid for net-zero campus

FacilitiesNet – 11/19/21

Solar growth fuels new questions, opportunities for landowners

Pulse – 11/17/21

Build Back Better’s big challenge: human behavior

Scientific American – 11/16/21

Going deep: Princeton lays the foundation for a ‘net-zero’ campus

Princeton University – 11/9/21

How state policymakers can use data from new studies to achieve climate goals

Florida News Times – 11/8/21

What’s going on in this graph? | Wind & solar power

The New York Times – 10/28/21

What a $2B Texas project says about U.S. quest for CO2-free grid

EnergyWire – 10/28/21

The D.C. region’s transition to clean energy

D.C. Policy Cenbter – 10/14/21

Two Princeton professors, two alumni appointed to serve on White House science committee

Daily Princetonian – 10/5/21

How Dems’ clean electricity plan would change utilities

EnergyWire – 9/30/21

America’s net zero opportunity

Top 1000 Funds – 9/25/21

Why the U.S. isn’t ready for clean energy (Video)

Vox – 9/22/21

A wonky policy proposal in the reconciliation bill could help prevent climate chaos

Sierra – 9/13/21

The hollow promise of net-zero carbon pledges

CNBC – 9/12/21

After Biden’s words, U.S. must now take action on EVs

GlobalFleet – 9/1/21

Climate change Is an infrastructure problem – map of electric vehicle chargers shows one reason why

Governing – 9/1/21

Climate crisis putting a billion children at ‘extremely high risk,’ warns new UN report

Down to Earth – 8/25/21

How climate change is an infrastructure problem

Finance & Commerce – 8/23/21

This map of electric vehicle chargers shows how climate change is an infrastructure problem

Fast Company – 8/23/21

A monumentally important Democratic spending bill

The New Yorker – 8/22/21

Stephen Kotkin: Why greenwashing is pervasive – 8/12/21

Offshore turbines could be a windfall for the U.S. steel industry

Grist – 8/9/21

Princeton U., engineer Worley plot faster U.S. net-zero emissions path by 2050

Engineering News Record – 8/8/21

‘Net zero by 2050? Not even close, with current energy infrastructure delivery’

Future Net Zero – 8/4/21

The U.S. power sector is halfway to net zero emissions, but it gets harder now, analysts say

Utility Dive – 8/4/21

Report details blistering pace of renewables needed for net-zero

E&E News – 8/4/21

One policy that could challenge a century of fossil-fuel dominance

Vox – 8/3/21

Policy experts say infrastructure deal could transform clean energy efforts, address inequity

New Hampshire Bulletin – 8/2/21

Worley, Princeton plot ‘radical rethink’ for net zero

Financial Review – 8/2/21

The U.S. needs to build more, faster to reach net zero

Bloomberg Green – 8/2/21

Can America reach net-zero emissions? (Video)

GreenBiz Group’s VERGE Net Zero – 7/28/21

A roadmap for achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions

Wisconsin Public Radio – 7/26/21

The number of lives that clean energy could save, by U.S. state

Yale Climate Connections – 7/14/21

Here’s how Ohioans need to change their energy consumption to cut carbon emissions

Akron Beacon Journal – 7/12/21

Net-Zero by 2050 (Video)

Climate Now – 7/1/21

Net-Zero by 2050 with Eric Larson

Climate Now podcast – 6/29/21

POET and Princeton inspire students to design a ‘Net-Zero America’

Vital – 6/28/21

Can solar farms help save bees?

Discovery Magazine – 6/26/21

What brands need to know (and can do) to help climate justice and climate change

New Hope Network – 6/21/21

‘Energy Talks’: The transition to net zero emissions. What will it take?

Queensland Energy Club podcast – 6/18/21

The U.S. East Coast is set to become a green energy job powerhouse

Quartz – 6/14/21

Gore pressed Biden to stick with climate plans as liberals fear White House is softening its agenda

The Washington Post – 6/10/21

Finding net zero will require a national effort, expert says

Daily Energy Insider – 6/10/21

Pathways to net-zero emissions; climate change in our National Parks

WHYY Radio Times – 6/9/21

Policy change needed now to reach 2050 clean energy transition goal: professor

S&P Global – 6/9/21

Where wind and solar power need to grow for America to meet its goals

The New York Times – 5/28/21

Mapping the transition to net-zero emissions in 2050

Green Portfolio – 5/24/21

Net-Zero America in action: America’s windy coastlines and scaling offshore wind power

Princeton University – 5/20/21

Forward Thinker Jesse Jenkins on turning back the clock on climate change

Princeton University – 5/20/21

The electrification of everything: what you need to know

The Wall Street Journal – 5/15/21

The U.S. will need a lot of land for a zero-carbon economy

Bloomberg – 4/29/21

A debate over carbon capture in the infrastructure bill could test the labor-climate alliance

In These Times – 4/15/21

Now is our last best chance to confront the climate crisis

Rolling Stone – 4/14/21

The time is now

Princeton University – 4/8/21

Transmission increases grid flexibility

Niskanen Center – 4/6/21

Can America go carbon neutral by 2050?

The Irish Times – 3/26/21

Biden’s dilemma: Land for renewables

EnergyWire, subscription required – 3/24/21

Without national policy, U.S. risks falling short on net-zero ambitions: researchers

S&P Global – 3/17/21

Without a plan, Kan. could get left behind in move to greener economy

Hays Post – 3/17/21

The race to zero: can America reach net-zero emissions by 2050?

The Guardian – 3/15/21

A Midwest pipeline promises to return carbon dioxide to the ground

Grist – 3/10/21

Video: Texas’s power disaster is a warning sign for the U.S.

Vox – 3/4/21

Podcast: Net-Zero America with Pat Welch, Stephen Pacala, and Don Bain

ESG Talks – 3/4/21

Opinion: Attracting the talent for a net zero workforce

The Engineer – 3/2/21

Solutions 2/26: Professor Stephen Pacala: What we need to do – 2/26/21

2050 carbon reduction goal could increase U.S. jobs, but losses possible in Louisiana

Houma Today – 2/25/21

As cities grapple with climate change, gas utilities fight to stay in business

Forbes, subscription required – 2/22/21

Carbon-free electricity requires policies to build and finance transmission and storage

NPR, feat. Erin Mayfield – 2/22/21

How America can rid itself of both carbon and blackouts

The Economist, cover story, subscription required – 2/18/21

Joe Biden’s climate-friendly energy revolution

The Economist, subscription required – 2/18/21

A plan to future-proof the Texas power grid

The New York Times, op-ed, Jesse Jenkins – 2/18/21

Environmentalists want renewable energy, but not power lines

The American Council on Science and Health – 2/12/21

Can Biden transmission order avoid state backlash?

E&E News – 2/11/21

Report: ‘social contract’ needed for decarbonization

RTO Insider – 2/9/21

Environmental studies: the paths to net-zero

Princeton Alumni Weekly – 2/9/21

New report maps out the U.S. road to net-zero emissions

Scientific American – 2/5/21

A state-by-state model of the U.S. net-zero-carbon future

Greentech Media – 2/4/21

U.S. could reach net-zero emissions by 2050 with more benefits than costs

EcoWatch, Climate Nexus – 2/3/21

U.S. will profit from eliminating carbon emissions ‘even if you don’t care about climate’

Forbes, Jeff McMahon – 2/2/21

National Academies report recommends carbon price alongside many other climate policies

Forbes, Jeff McMahon – 2/2/21

New report charts path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, recommends near-term policies to ensure fair and equitable economic transition and revitalization of manufacturing industry

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – 2/2/21

Inevitable planetary doom has been exaggerated

The Atlantic – 2/1/21

How to build a net-zero America

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy (UPenn webinar) – 1/28/21

What Biden’s ‘climate day’ means for 100% clean electricity

E&E News – 1/27/21

Can this unlikely duo revive rural America and help the planet? op-ed by Art Cullen

The New York Times – 1/27/21

We need to build a lot of wind turbines. Will Americans agree to live near them?

Salon – 1/24/21

Jobs, the carbon spike and the COVID-19 cliff

The Hill, Op-Ed by Jesse Jenkins and Ben Strauss – 1/22/21

We need to build a lot of wind turbines. Will Americans agree to live near them?

Grist – 1/22/21

Coal-fired power plant in southern Illinois a major obstacle to Biden’s push for carbon-free electricity by 2035

Chicago Tribune – 1/21/21

How Biden can create tons of green energy jobs

Yahoo Finance – 1/14/21

Study presents affordable, job-growing plan to combat climate crisis

ecoRI News – 1/14/21

The priorities are doubling down on wind and solar generation and accelerate electric vehicles: Princeton University researcher

Yahoo Finance – 1/12/21

How to quash the resentments that cleave us, op-ed by Art Cullen

The Washington Post – 1/9/21

Boiling Point: How rooftop solar could save Americans $473 billion

Los Angeles Times – 1/7/21

Paths to net-zero emissions by 2050

Paths to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 – The Interchange podcast

The Interchange Podcast (part of Greentech Media), Stephen Lacey – 1/7/21

PU study on paths to zero emissions gains attention in Biden administration

Town Topics, Donald Gilpin – 1/6/21

How Biden can ramp up his climate ambitions now that Democrats have won the Senate

Quartz, Michael J. Coren and Tim McDonnell – 1/6/21

Maximum polarization

The Long Game, a newsletter from Politico – 1/5/21

What’s on the horizon for the climate desk

The New York Times, Times Insider, Mark Shimabukuro – 12/30/21

Clock is ticking toward the deadline for climate action

The Palm Beach Post, Editorial Board – 12/30/20

Joe Biden’s climate team actually cares about climate

The New York Times, Editorial Board – 12/28/20

Princeton study shows how the U.S. can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

The Optimist Daily – 12/23/20

The U.S. can get to net-zero emissions by 2050. Here’s how

Fast Company, Adele Peters – 12/23/20

Princeton study shows possibility for a carbon-neutral U.S.

Inhabitat – 12/21/20

2020: A year in review

Princeton University – 12/21/20

Princeton study outlines viable, affordable plans for America to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

The Daily Princetonian – 12/20/20

#284 Net-Zero America by 2050: Jesse Jenkins and Eric Larson

How Do We Fix It Podcast, Jim Meigs – 12/18/20

Yes, the U.S. can go carbon neutral by 2050, says new Princeton study

Grist, Cameron Oglesby – 12/18/20

Princeton University study finds the low-carbon future is a low-cost future

The Niskanen Center, Nadir Sobhani – 12/18/20

Princeton study charts a $2.5T pathway to a net-zero carbon U.S.

Greentech Media, Jeff St John – 12/17/20

Net zero price tag: $2.5 trillion

RTO Insider – 12/17/20

Study finds U.S. can reach net-zero emissions by spending 3% more on energy

S&P Global – 12/16/20

U.S. could reach ‘net-zero’ carbon by 2050. Here’s how.

Live Science – 12/16/20

Big but affordable effort needed for America to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, study shows, Molly Seltzer – 12/16/20

Study: 5 ways to hit Biden’s net-zero emissions target

E&E News, Miranda Willson – 12/16/20

Clean energy is affordable

Climate Nexus Newsletter – 12/16/20

Getting U.S. to zero carbon will take a $2.5 trillion investment by 2030

Bloomberg, Bill Wade and Eric Roston – 12/15/20

Biden wants the U.S. to stop contributing to climate change by 2050. Here’s what that would actually take.

The Washington Post, Chris Mooney – 12/15/20

Study finds viable pathways to “net-zero” U.S. emissions by 2050

Axios, Ben Geman – 12/15/20

To cut emissions to zero, U.S. needs to make big changes in next 10 years

The New York Times, Brad Plumer – 12/15/20

Princeton Net-Zero America project

Evolved Energy Research, Ryan Jones – 12/15/20

Climate change research propelled by PUL’s geospatial resources

Princeton University Library – 8/31/20

What it will take for Biden to keep his climate promise

Bloomberg Green – 7/17/20