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Adam Burrows

Professor of Astrophysical Sciences

Director, Program in Planets and Life

Location: 105 Peyton Hall
Phone Number: 609-258-3590
Email Address:

Research Description:

General energy studies; fission and fusion; climate change; battery technology; policy

Research Areas: , , , , , , , ,

Rene Carmona

Paul M. Wythes '55 Professor of Engineering and Finance

Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Chair, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Location: 210 Sherrerd Hall
Phone Number: 609-258-2310
Email Address:

Research Description:

Commodity and energy markets (e.g. oil, electricity, natural gas, coal); market mechanisms to control greenhouse gas emissions; game theoretic analyses of the energy/emissions markets with emphasis on the policy implications of their designs

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Emily A. Carter

Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment

Founding Director, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (2010-2016)

Location: C230 Engineering Quad
Phone Number: 609-258-5391
Email Address:

Research Description:

Design of new materials for solar energy conversion to electricity and fuels; lightweight metal alloy design for fuel-efficient vehicles; clean, efficient combustion of biofuels; solid oxide fuel cell cathode design for efficient electricity production; robust materials for fusion reactor walls

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Robert Cava

Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry

Location: A88 Frick Chemistry Laboratory
Phone Number: 609-258-0016
Email Address:

Research Description:

Synthesis and discovery of new superconducting and thermoelectric materials

Research Areas: , , ,

Michael A. Celia

Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Director, Program in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Location: E409 Engineering Quad E-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-5425
Email Address:

Research Description:

Ground-water hydrology; geological sequestration of CO2; simulation methods for multi-phase flow in porous media; ecohydrology; contaminant transport simulation

Research Areas: , ,

Minjie Chen

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Location: 217 Andlinger
Phone Number: 609-258-7656
Email Address:

Research Description:

Design of power conversion and management systems to address technical challenges with large social impacts. High performance power conversion systems for a wide range of applications, including smart grid, renewable generation, energy storage, telecom, data centers, electric vehicles, and robotics.

Research Areas: , , , , , , , , ,

Mung Chiang

Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering

Director, Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

Director, Program in Technology and Society

Location: B328 Engineering Quad B-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-5071
Email Address:

Research Description:

Energy efficiency in communication networks, including data center networks, wireless cellular/femto networks, and broadband DSL/PON networks. Algorithm design and implementation for energy-performance’s Pareto optimal tradeoff. Techniques include stochastic optimization, distributed control, and dynamic programming. Interactions with the rest of the networking experimentation infrastructure at the EDGE Lab

Research Areas: ,

Paul Chirik

Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Chemistry

Associate Director for External Partnerships, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Location: 292 Frick Chemistry Lab
Phone Number: 609-258-4130
Email Address:

Research Description:

Design and synthesis of earth abundant, particularly iron and cobalt, catalysts for chemical synthesis relevant to the pharmaceutical, fine, commodity and petrochemical industries. Reduction of N2 and CO2 compatible with renewable hydrogen and alternative energy sources.

Research Areas:

Stephen Chou

Joseph C. Elgin Professor of Engineering

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Director, NanoStructures Laboratory

Location: B412 Engineering Quad, B-Wing
Phone Number: 609-258-4416
Email Address:

Research Description:

Design, fabrication, and characterization of new nanostructured materials and devices for better performances, particularly high efficiency, in solar cells, LEDs, thermal-electric devices, photocathodes, photochemical convertors, chemical/bio sensors, and other energy conversion devices

Research Areas: , , , , ,

Edgar Choueiri

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Director, Program in Engineering Physics

Location: D432 Engineering Quad D-Wing
Phone Number:
Email Address:

Research Description:

New methods for heating plasmas for fusion applications

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